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Event Name: Confronting Chepiso Outside Shard
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-01-23
Game Date of Event: 448-01-08
Point of View: Anuril
You hear a male voice yell from the east, "You wish to pontificate. Please do."

Tathalus chuckles.

Ruea leans on Ayrell.

Voranos says, "Madigan if you join up I can turn over lead of this group to you or Betlind as you see fit."

Mazrian says, "Oh, interesting."

Mazrian says, "He bannered."

Nawain says, "Oh, banner. Good."

Mazrian points east.

Nawain nods.

Navesi nods to Mazrian.

Mazrian closes his eyes and settles into a graceful stance.

Betlind nods.

Tathalus says, "Pontificate."

Voranos nods.

You follow Voranos east.

[Shard, East Bridge]

Marble balustrades on either side of the walkway shine with a mysterious light of their own, marking the boundaries of the bridge's width. The ancient planks underfoot are hard and sturdy, defying the erosion of time. You also see a pink-eared white piglet with an inky blue octopus costume curtained in sinuous spun glitter tentacles on it and a ghostly white banner.

Also here: Songbird Mendira whose figure is gracefully highlighted in a soft aurora of silvery-violet light, Knight Penitent Briaen who is surrounded by a corona of fiery light, Spirit Guide Harsh who is emanating a bright holy aura, Erratic Oracle Solitudines who is shrouded by swirling grey fog, Ale Beard Rhadyn, Leviathan Friend Navesi, Tempest Knight Saragos who has a fiery visage, Indomitable Fortress Voranos who has a stony visage, a calmed Grandmother Caledric who is shrouded in ghostly flames, a calmed Shield of Starlight Betlind, a calmed Enelne's Voice Nawain who is shrouded in ghostly flames, a calmed Mountain Lord Ezerak, a calmed Lady of Elamiri Ayrell who has a stony visage, a calmed Beach Bum Lycidylia who is enwreathed in waves of oceanic light filled with specters of playfully frolicking dolphins, a calmed Heart Tender Kethrai, a calmed Dragon's Shadow Waydren and a calmed Warrior Zealot Chepiso.

Obvious paths: east, west.

Lycidylia touches Voranos on the wrist with two fingers, feeling for a pulse hopefully.

Betlind joins Voranos's group.

Mazrian just arrived.

Ruea just arrived.

Lycidylia touches Harsh on the wrist with two fingers, feeling for a pulse.

Ruea waves to Chepiso.

Waydren asks Chepiso, "Are you here for words, or weapons?"

Betlind squints at Chepiso.

Chepiso says, "Please, enlighten me as to how your treating with Necromancers is virtuous."

Ruea asks Chepiso, "Hello darling, what god do you prefer?"

Maligned just arrived.

Kethrai says to Chepiso, "You've got some... you've got a thing in your... never mind."

Cidaron just arrived.

Mendira frowns at Chepiso.

Maligned just arrived.

CJ>look chepi wound

You see Warrior Zealot Chepiso, Hound of Rutilor, a Human Paladin.

He has faint scuffing to the left hand.

He has a glaes throwing star lodged shallowly into his left hand, a glaes throwing star lodged shallowly into his left hand, a glaes throwing star lodged shallowly into his left hand, a glaes throwing star lodged shallowly into his left hand.

He is in good shape.

Chepiso puts his blade in his canvas backpack.

Ruea takes a sip of her wine.

Chepiso skillfully removes a glaes throwing star from his hand leaving the wound no worse than it was before.

You try hard not to grin.

Chepiso drops a glaes throwing star.

Ruea asks, "Oh can I have that back?"

Chepiso skillfully removes a glaes throwing star from his hand leaving the wound no worse than it was before.

Tathalus asks, "So its here to...pont.....ponti.........pondtunafrigate?"

Ruea moves a crystal glass of Dalesian white wine to her left hand.

Voranos skillfully removes a glaes throwing star from Chepiso's hand leaving the wound no worse than it was before.

Ruea stretches out a hand imploringly to Chepiso.

Waydren says to Chepiso, "You have the wrong of it. No friends of Necromancers are here. We've assaulted the very heart of darkness --twice!-- and dispersed both the Lich Jeihrem and the Demon goddess Maelshyve. We are no friends of the wicked ones you hunt."

Chepiso says to Ruea, "You would not want me to return these, I suspect."

Voranos drops a glaes throwing star.

Chepiso drops a glaes throwing star.

Voranos skillfully removes a glaes throwing star from Chepiso's hand leaving the wound no worse than it was before.

Ruea says to Chepiso, "Oh I've had worse."

Voranos drops a glaes throwing star.

Chepiso says to Waydren, "Yet, you have a Necromancer Inquisitor among you."

Saragos nods to Waydren.

Chepiso holds his sunblade at arm's length, gazing at Briaen through its translucent structure. After a moment he blinks and lowers it, glancing at Briaen thoughtfully.

Waydren says to Chepiso, ""Your words are good. Your actions are not. You kill those who do not need killing. You are like a child learning to shoot a bow. Your aim shifts to the wrong things."

Ruea asks Voranos, "Could you hand me those?"

Mazrian says, "In principal, very few of us oppose your goals. Only your attrocious aim."

Briaen says to Chepiso, "There needs be no further bloodshed. I will leave this place with you and accept whatever fate stands before me. I just ask that you leave this people of quality their lives intact."

Voranos picks up a glaes throwing star.

Kethrai says to Chepiso, "One who has earned the reprieve of the Immortals. I have stood in the very home of Hodierna thanks to the prayers he spoke."

Voranos offers Ruea a glaes throwing star.

Ruea accepts Voranos's glaes throwing star.

Voranos picks up a glaes throwing star.

Voranos offers Ruea a glaes throwing star.

Ruea puts her star in her hunting pack.

Ayrell says to Chepiso, "There are many of us who would be your allies, if you did not conduct your work by killing innocent people."

Betlind moves into position to cover Briaen from harm.

Ruea accepts Voranos's glaes throwing star.

Ruea puts her star in her hunting pack.

Voranos picks up a glaes throwing star.

Voranos offers Ruea a glaes throwing star.

Ruea accepts Voranos's glaes throwing star.

Tathalus asks, "Nobody expects the Rissan Inquisition?"

Mendira frowns at Briaen.

Ruea puts her star in her hunting pack.

Saragos glances at Briaen.

Voranos smiles at Ruea.

Briaen rests his hand on Mendira's arm with a soft smile.

Waydren says to Chepiso, "There is a better way. There are those among us that can sense the Necromantic taint. Partner with us. Work with us to root out that which is truly evil. You have the motive and the means. Let us act as your discernment, preserving the lives of the innocent."

Nawain begins chortling at Tathalus.

Ruea praises Voranos.

You hear the voice of Sofina say, "Dont be so dense Briaen. They wont stop, we are still part of us."

Voranos searches around for a moment.

Nawain rolls her eyes.

Voranos points at Sofina, ruining her hiding place.

Sofina curtsies to Voranos.

Candy Pirate Akeiro just arrived.

Chepiso says, "Ah, and the one so many welcome to their table."

Lycidylia hugs Akeiro, who wraps his arms around Lycidylia with a warm smile.

Chepiso glances at Sofina.

Akeiro touches Chepiso on the wrist with two fingers.

Dantia quietly says to Madigan, "This would all be a lot simpler in the North."

Balthear just arrived.

Caledric says, "He claims to be able to sense the necromancy, but his primary targets have been Clerics... explain that."

Madigan nods to Dantia.

Voranos says, "Welcome isn't the correct word."

Mazrian nods at Dantia, obviously agreeing with her views.

Voranos grins at Chepiso.

Akeiro hugs Lycidylia, who wraps her arms around Akeiro with a warm smile.

Rhadyn coughs.

Chepiso asks Sofina, "I presume you are just as virtuous? Do you walk in the halls of Hodierna yourself?"

Ezerak says to Chepiso, "Oh, you are welcome to dispose of that one."

Rhadyn gruffly says, "And a barb."

You hear the voice of Sofina say, "I do not."

Rhadyn casually observes the area.

Tathalus asks Chepiso, "So, ya kill necros and their supporters?"

Ayrell picks up a glaes throwing star.

Ayrell offers Ruea a glaes throwing star.

Briaen sighs.

Mazrian says to Dantia, "We don't actually disagree about much."

Ruea accepts Ayrell's glaes throwing star.

Chepiso says to Tathalus, "Indeed."

Mazrian rubs his neck.

Ruea puts her star in her hunting pack.

Akeiro whispers something to Chepiso.

Ruea beams at Ayrell!

Dantia nods to Mazrian.

Nawain says to Chepiso, "This is what a necromancer looks like. Not the bald part, the... corrupt part. That one you can kill all day, every day, and no one will bat an eye. We might cheer and throw parades, in fact."

Nawain gestures at Sofina.

Sofina smiles at Nawain.

Potato Princess Yallen just arrived.

Ruea gazes up at the sky.

Clematis just arrived.

Tathalus asks Chepiso, " just roll in, kill the women and children first? Let them know you mean business?"

Yallen joins Akeiro's group.

Mendira slowly empties her lungs.

Harsh ponders.

Chepiso says to Briaen, "I think he means to call you either a "women" or a "children."

Caledric says to Sofina, "Sorry we ruined your romantic evening, but we gotta take out the trash."

Caledric glances at Chepiso.

Chepiso glances at Tathalus.

Waydren asks Chepiso, "What say you of the innocents you have killed in your quest for necromancers?"

Yallen whispers something to Akeiro.

Harsh laughs at himself.

Navesi gets a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald" from inside her black coat.

Navesi gets a pristine goose feather quill from inside her black coat.

Navesi carefully opens a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald".

Tathalus says, "Either or, depends on how much Briaen has to drink."

Ayrell says, "I would ask that same question."

Ayrell nods to Waydren.

Tathalus pats Briaen on the back.

Ayrell gazes at Chepiso.

Navesi gazes at Chepiso.

Chepiso says to Waydren, "I say that welcoming Necromancers in your heart is to be just as guilty."

Briaen says to Chepiso, "I leave you to the mob you created. I pray they take mercy on you, as I might."

Waydren says to Chepiso, "No, you are no child learning to shoot a bow. You are like the blight that festers within the oak. It twists and kills the tree from the inside."

Ayrell says to Chepiso, "Yet you have killed many who do not welcome necromancers at all."

Mendira takes her rightful place beside Briaen.

Waydren nods at Ayrell, obviously agreeing with her views.

Knight Penitent Briaen goes west, leading his group.

Chepiso says to Ayrell, "And yet, they stand arm in arm with one."

Betlind sighs.

Raven Queen Chelinde just arrived, leading her group.

Chelinde joins Akeiro's group.

Caledric exclaims, "Oh and now the ravens have arrived... It's a party now!"

Harsh snickers.

Navesi asks Chepiso, "Perhaps you could recap for those of us catching up. Would you care to list those whom you've killed, and their crimes?"

Ayrell shakes her head at Chepiso.

Kethrai asks Nawain, "You were killed by them... Would you say you are a supporter of necromancy?"

Mazrian extends his hand toward a ghostly white banner and concentrates.

Akeiro whispers something to Yallen.

Waydren asks Chepiso, "So you discredit the claims of dispersing Lich and Demon?"

Akeiro nods to Yallen.

Yallen says to Chepiso, "Tanks fers kill'n das nekras."

Yallen offers Chepiso a minature potato souffle.

Slarc joins Akeiro's group.

Ruea takes a sip of her wine.

Slarc says, "Harc."

Nawain says to Kethrai, "If I didn't like you, I'd slap you. I have never and will never support the things that destroyed my family."

Chepiso says to Waydren, "Your claims are your own. I do not judge your past actions, only your current."

Nawain gives Kethrai a little prod between the shoulder blades.

Tathalus says, "The herald."

You take your rightful place beside Kethrai.

Ruea raises an eyebrow in Nawain's direction.

Kethrai quietly says to Nawain, "Sorry, rhetorical."

Chepiso declines Yallen's offer.

Nawain makes a grunting noise.

Nawain nods in agreement.

You reach out with your senses and see blazing (20/21) streams of roiling Elemental mana coursing through the area.

You sense the Banner of Truce spell matrix in the area, which will last for about thirty-two roisaen.

Waydren asks Chepiso, "Actions not even three nights hence, when we, and not you, removed Bhaalgorn from the Crossing?"

Yallen says, "Iffns yas wans das soooooflays, fers das kill'n ovs das nekras."

Betlind nods to Waydren.

Mazrian searches around for a moment.

Peashooter Piw just arrived.

Chepiso works at polishing his sunblade with a cleaning cloth.

Piw joins Akeiro's group.

Ayrell nods at Ruea, obviously agreeing with her views.

Yallen beams at Piw!

Ruea leans on Ayrell.

Saragos asks Chepiso, "High Temple welcomed a Redeemed Necromancer by the name of Zauldin. Thanks to his work, the Sanyu Aes, we dealt a serious blow to the Lich and his minions powered by holy light. You planning on going after the High Temple, and everyone who was on the Raid on the Baslalt Isle?"

Voranos says to Chepiso, " Necromancers are dangerous for multiple reasons but also because in their quest for power they do so at the expense of others. In your quest to cleanse and potentially restore balance, the wise lean to hone their response so as to not repeat that same injustice."

Madigan closes his eyes and settles into a graceful stance.

Ayrell whispers something to Ruea.

Betlind nods emphatically at Saragos.

You say to Chepiso, "Your recklessness stretches the tolerance of society to the breaking point."

Slarc laughs!

Mazrian joins Madigan's group.

Chelinde nods at Yallen, obviously agreeing with her views.

Kethrai closes his eyes for a moment and grows still.

Caledric joins Timorias's group.

Betlind says to Chepiso, "And funny, don't recall seein' ya there on Basalt Isle, speakin' of which."

Chepiso says to Saragos, "Zauldin was also a tool. Nothing more. And yes, I would have executed him myself, had he not failed at his own mission."

Betlind folds her arms across her chest.

Rhadyn joins Madigan's group.

Caledric leans on Timorias.

Savage Snacker Selame just arrived.

Selame takes her rightful place beside Akeiro.

Chelinde appears to be whispering to those in her company.

Waydren shakes his head at Chepiso.

Mazrian appears to be whispering to those in his company.

Akeiro whispers something to Raikage.

Harsh quietly says, "This has to be killin Dantia, she hates the talk."

Harsh nods.

Dantia grins at Harsh.

Ezerak chuckles at Harsh.

Lycidylia grins at Harsh.

Nawain grins at Harsh.

Timorias grins at Harsh.

Ruea asks Chepiso, "Darling, are you keeping track of who you have killed?"

Madigan grins at Mazrian.

Ruea asks, "Or is it all just willy-nilly?"

Navesi says, "Please, I'm ready to take names."

Waydren says to Ruea, "He is clearly not."

Navesi drums her fingers on a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald", lost in thought.

Saragos asks Chepiso, "So, when are you going for Tallis's head, then? More than a dozen of us here, at least, that went after the Lich, alongside Zauldin. You coming for us next?"

Akeiro quietly says to Chepiso, "That one there attacked my apprentice when I sent her for aid after she was attacked by a necromancer frequenting Therengia."

The clouds break slightly, revealing a few twinkling stars.

Yallen takes a bite of the souffle.

Ruea says to Waydren, "Shh, let him answer. Be polite."

Akeiro nods to Madigan.

Chepiso says to Harsh, "Truthfully, I do, too. But so many of you prepared speeches that it would be a shame to not allow you all a chance to vomit nonsense about why you protect Necromancers."

Mazrian flashes a quick grin at Madigan.

Nawain frowns, shaking her head with an expression of exasperation before resting her face in the palm of her hand.

Ruea smiles.

Ezerak says to Saragos, "He already has."

Chepiso says to Dantia, "Perhaps you can help me judge the speech contests."

Dantia chuckles at Chepiso.

Ruea laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Nawain asks, "Why are we still talking to the crazy person? Has reasoning with a zealot ever worked? Ever?"

Chepiso says to Nawain, "Funny, I was asking myself the same of you."

Nawain snorts at Chepiso.

Rhadyn nods at Nawain, obviously agreeing with her views.

Waydren says to Nawain, "All should be given the chance to turn back from a false trail they walk."

Akeiro touches Selame on the wrist with two fingers, feeling for a pulse hopefully.

You nod to Waydren.

Knight Penitent Briaen just arrived, leading his group.

Ruea says, "There is nothing to be lost byt communicating civily and without violence."

Navesi says to Nawain, "The record must be made."

Harsh quietly says to Chepiso, "I suppose my sitting next to and assisting your fallen body was necromancy as well was it? guarding the precious memories you have of what i can only imagine has been a life of love and happiness."

Ruea says, "I vastly prefer this to the Hounds."

Tathalus says to Saragos, "Cant forget about the chap that helped with Maelshyve."

Ruea says, "I wish we had more wine though."

Ruea waves her hand distractedly.

Harsh smiles.

Navesi gives Tathalus a slight nod.

Dantia grins at Voranos.

You hear the voice of Sofina say, "You are raising the dead..."

Voranos leans on Dantia.

Rhadyn points at Sofina, ruining her hiding place.

Harsh quietly says, "With a soul intact."

Caledric says to Harsh, "He thinks cleric spells are necromancy."

Harsh smiles.

Sofina gasps!

Tathalus asks, "So from now on, we use boards and ropes and just have a town full of meat puppets?"

Saragos says to Tathalus, "Osven helped against Maelshyve, but I can understand an Inquisitor who takes issue with that. What I can't understand is someone who takes issue with attacking the Lich using holy fire."

Tathalus says, "I think Rezzing is better."

Chepiso says to Tathalus, "You have interesting hobbies."

Betlind says, "It is possible to despise necromancy but not the necromancer. If society has failed them to lead them into darkness in anyway, it is our responsibility to attempt to guide them back to the light of the Immortals."

Kethrai nods at Betlind, obviously agreeing with her views.

Lycidylia says to Chepiso, "That is an understatement."

Selame gazes at Betlind.

Nawain darkly asks, "Betl You're an optimist, aren't you?"

Harsh quietly says, "I had a crush on a necromancer once, I felt so dirty."

Nawain chuckles.

Tathalus says to Chepiso, "You should see me when Ive had time to think alone..........its gets dark fast."

Chelinde gazes at Piw.

Chepiso says to Betlind, "I disagree. Necromancers bring a fundamental threat to every aspect of life by their very existence."

Kethrai says to Nawain, "I've seen it happen with my own eyes. It's hard to question it after that."

Timorias says, "I have a crush on myself Harsh, I'm ashamed as well."

Timorias whistles a merry tune.

Nawain says to Kethrai, "I'll keep questioning until I see it, then."

Chepiso says to Betlind, "That rationalization is what leads to the very problem I see: you are too welcoming of them."

Ruea asks Chepiso, "Is there a method you're using to determine who is a Necromancer supporter?"

Harsh quietly says, "Lots want to crush you tiny bob, its not news."

Akeiro nods to Chepiso.

Mazrian says to Betlind, "I believe he's right about that, for what it's worth."

Harsh smiles at Timorias.

Chepiso asks Ruea, "Simple. Do you support Necromancers?"

Harsh pats Timorias on the back.

Mazrian shrugs.

Betlind says to Chepiso, "Many aspects of life come with inherent danger, but to destroy it all benefits no one."

Ayrell says to Ruea, "Breathing the same air as them, in some cases, it seems."

Ruea says to Chepiso, "Not at all, thank you for asking."

Nawain says to Ruea, "Haruspex, I'll bet."

Nawain makes a grunting noise.

Waydren says to Chepiso, "Necromancers *are* indeed a threat. Partner with us, though, in their removal. Your ways remove allies that you would otherwise recruit to your cause."

Ezerak nods at Ayrell, obviously agreeing with her views.

Betlind says to Chepiso, "You have become a greater danger than those you say you hunt."

Caledric asks, "Yes... what method did you use prior to killing me?"

Betlind clucks her tongue and shakes her head.

Caledric fixes Chepiso with a gruff, unwavering stare.

Harsh rubs Betlind gently.

Mazrian says to Chepiso, "But Betlind is also correct there."

Mazrian gazes at Chepiso.

Ruea says to Chepiso, "But for example, my friend Ezerak here is also staunchly against them and you had him attacked. It was very stressful."

Chepiso says, "Necromancers poison the minds of those who hear their words. Your complacency to the threat is evident in your support of their foulness if it supports your own goals."

Ruea pats Ezerak on the back.

Timorias says, "Necromancers as a whole? The Idea of Necromancy or just individual Necromancers? One needs to be a bit more specific in their desire for wholesale slaughter."

Harsh quietly says to Betlind, "You were so brave."

Harsh nods to Betlind.

Tathalus says, "Ive supported them in a few ways, sometimes I even get some nails, find a tree and put them up for the night."

Waydren asks Chepiso, "Our complacency in removing Necromancers you overlooked not three nights ago?"

Madigan grins at Tathalus.

Slarc says to Waydren, "You yourself consort with Necromancers, your words are hollow."

Ezerak says, "I but asked a question in the hopes of avoiding the Hounds."

Betlind just hugged Harsh.

Chepiso says to Timorias, "Simple. Necromancers must be purged. Those who protect them must be purged along with them. The Temple has had many fall to their lies and their books."

Tathalus searches around for a moment.

Caledric exclaims, "Asking questions... the true sign of necromancy!"

Ruea says to Ezerak, "And it absolutely ruined your vest."

Waydren says to Slarc, "Oh? I'd love to hear the spin of this."

Waydren smiles at Slarc.

Ezerak nods at Ruea, obviously agreeing with her views.

Mazrian extends his hand toward a ghostly white banner and concentrates.

Timorias asks, "So, you advocate killing Necromancers trying to redeem their ways?"

Chepiso says to Ruea, "I'm certain you know a tailor that is wonderful at removing blood."

Timorias asks, "How is that any different than what you accuse them of?"

Slarc says, "You utilize necromantic associates to locate your foes. A convenient time to turn a blind eye."

Akeiro says, "Better than leaving them to change their mind."

Saragos says to Chepiso, "I'm with you about Necromancers being a threat, until you start lumping in the Redeemed in that. You question the will of the Immortals? Some stones on you to do that. I'm not so filled with hubris that I'd question Their decision on who to welcome back to Grace."

Ruea says to Chepiso, "You're absolutely right, I can give his card if you need it."

Ezerak asks Ruea, "Have you two met before?"

Chepiso says to Timorias, "There is no redemption. Only being willing to be a tool."

Betlind nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Tear Reaper Tambellis just arrived.

Nawain nods to Saragos.

Caade softly says, "Wow."

Ruea says to Ezerak, "No, but I'm well known in certain circles. Based in fashion."

Rhadyn gruffly says, "Can we get a definition of protecting a necro please? I feel odd that I have been purged but never protected one."

Nawain says, "Hubris as its most extreme."

Rhadyn ponders.

Yallen giggles at Piw.

Rhadyn taps lightly on his kertig rings, making his full beard sway slightly back and forth.

Saragos asks Chepiso, "No Redemption? So, what? Gods made a mistake? Is that your claim?"

Tambellis joins Madigan's group.

Chepiso says to Rhadyn, "Strangely, it was you that came to the aid of a Necromancer just tonight."

Timorias says, "So There is no redemption? That can go for all of us then. I guess the gods aren't as powerful as you claim them to be."

Piw says to Rhadyn, "They were hiding in your beard."

Dantia smiles at Tambellis.

Rhadyn gruffly asks, "Me?"

Dantia touches Tambellis with a confident grace.

Waydren joins Madigan's group.

Kethrai says to Chepiso, "And when you've purged a necromancer, what happens to them? Sofina there has gotten purged more times than I can count, and here she stands."

Harsh points at Rhadyn.

Chepiso says to Saragos, "Hardly. The Gods use a willing tool as a weapon until it is ready to be discarded."

Rhadyn gruffly asks, "Hmmm, okay, which one?"

You hear the voice of Sofina say, "And will continue to stand."

Caade searches around for a moment.

Ruea says, "Oh, dear."

Rhadyn gruffly says, "I'm so new to all this guild finger wagglin stuff."

Timorias pats Rhadyn on the back.

Chepiso says to Kethrai, "Then it sounds like you are quite complacent to her being present."

Selame says to Kethrai, "The number of times she can be purged will never truly be enough."

Timorias says, "Its ok. We are all confused."

Timorias chuckles.

Kethrai says to Chepiso, "Death is as much a strength to them as anything. Only the light of the Immortals can truly turn their hearts away from sin and end their threat."

Harsh ponders.

Betlind nods at Kethrai, obviously agreeing with his views.

Rhadyn gruffly says, "I just help those in need and don't use religion, race, nor guild as a guide to help."

Saragos asks Chepiso, "Then get your story straight. Is there no Redemption? Or are you saying that you get to purge the Redeemed because the Immortals only look on them as tools?"

Harsh quietly says to Rhadyn, "I appreciate all yur help pal."

Yallen says, "Lohts ovs peepuls tawk'n buts nahs say'n mushs."

Harsh nods to Rhadyn.

Rhadyn nods to Harsh.

Caade waves to Harsh.

Akeiro grins at Yallen.

Chelinde nods to Yallen.

Akeiro nods at Yallen, obviously agreeing with her views.

Timorias says, "Sounds like just an excuse to kill folks he doesn't like to me."

Caledric asks, "So Chepiso claims to know better than the gods?"

Nawain nods to Caledric.

Harsh waves to Caade.

Betlind says to Yallen, "S'most parlays between fights, really."

Nawain says, "Certainly seems so."

Chepiso says to Saragos, "What you call Redemption is not forgiveness. It is simply a useful state that the Gods allow to be used as a weapon. The Spiral still awaits, and the Gods are prepared for a fall."

Akeiro quietly says to Betlind, "They could do with more snacks."

Betlind grins at Akeiro, her dimples flashing into view.

Tathalus says to Yallen, "Well this is a verbal stalemate, negotiations have broken down and there is really no further need for discourse."

Nawain joins Voranos's group.

Chepiso asks Akeiro, "I was not aware that these speeches come with snacks. Is there an intermission?"

Caledric asks, "Are you saying you plan to bring down the gods?"

Kethrai asks Chepiso, "The Immortals prepare them as a weapon, that they intend no one else to support? They must stand alone in their fight?"

Caledric asks, "Oh we need snacks?"

Timorias exclaims, "I have tarts!"

Harsh quietly asks, "Did someone put out snacks?"

Tathalus offers Chepiso some delicately prepared bacon-wrapped bacon topped with bits of crumbled bacon.

Waydren asks Chepiso, "You are set in your ways, ignoring recent evidence to the contrary, and are unwilling to budge from your position?"

Tathalus says, "Here."

Caledric pulls a fine crimson linen cloth out of a picnic basket, setting his basket aside as as he shakes out the cloth and lays it out upon the ground.

Timorias gets an aromatic tart filled with chopped figs doused in red wine from inside his white backpack.

Timorias offers Harsh an aromatic tart filled with chopped figs doused in red wine.

Caledric pulls an iridescent petalette picnic cloth edged in heartstring lace out of a picnic basket, setting his basket aside as as he shakes out the cloth and lays it out upon the ground.

Caledric exclaims, "Snacks!"

Yallen asks Chelinde, "Meh Queenie? Cannas yas dos das ahrahs un lahst tims?"

Navesi writes something on a page in her oak-bound volume.

Caledric says, "Help yourselves."

Chelinde nods to Yallen.

Akeiro whispers something to Selame.

Chepiso says to Kethrai, "Yes, they must, as they will betray you as quickly as they can."

Yallen beams!

Kethrai casually observes the area.

Selame says, "I am not laying out any snacks while the necromancers are walking about."

Kethrai says, "I can't imagine why they'd want to, a welcome like this."

Tathalus asks, "Betray?"

Chepiso says to Selame, "A wise choice."

Chelinde says to Yallen, "There you go. An aura has been done."

Ruea glances at Chepiso.

Piw says to Selame, "They can be pigs."

Yallen beams at Chelinde!

Akeiro quietly says to Selame, "Get splatter on the snacks."

Selame nods to Chepiso.

Akeiro shudders.

Ruea smiles.

Tathalus says, "To betray you have to trust them in the first place....."

Mazrian says to Chepiso, "What do you propose? We will not stand by and allow you to murder people who are not necromancers or sympathizers. You endanger even your own cause - the provinces will not look away from this, I imagine."

Rhadyn gruffly asks Chepiso, "And their betrayal of another is your fight because why?"

Selame looks at Akeiro and sighs.

Caledric asks Chepiso, "So about you being smarter than the gods, and supposedly claiming to bring down their fall... can you elaborate?"

Caade softly asks, "So really, why is everyone so mad at Necromancers?"

Caade gestures.

A beam of clear silvery-blue light descends from the heavens.

Harsh quietly says, "Dont want to feed the wildlife. Thats how you get an infestation."

Ayrell whispers something to Ezerak.

Harsh nods.

Lasan nods to Caade.

Tathalus says to Harsh, "But he looks hungry."

Whynd leans on Lasan.

Mazrian asks Chepiso, "The Hounds quietly did good work for years after Lyras was destroyed. Why jeopardize that now?"

Saragos asks Chepiso, "So start making sense, then you old fool. Stop saying Redemption doesn't exist. And if the Redeemed ARE tools, as you say, then how DARE you defy the Immortals' will and strike down their tools?"

Kethrai quietly says to Caledric, "The Immortals are prepared for the Redeemed's fall. There were lots of pronouns, it's confusing."

Sofina leans on Whynd.

Sofina giggles at Whynd.

Chepiso says to Mazrian, "Stop giving quarter to Necromancers. Stop giving quarter to those who protect Necromancers. A Necromancer must be hunted like a dog."

Ezerak whispers something to Ayrell.

Betlind says to Chepiso, "Traitors are a risk we must take. Denying aid and guidance to many because of a few is not the way to lead others back to the Immortals. And we must have faith we will always overcome such."

Waydren nods to Mazrian.

Harsh ponders.

Akeiro whispers something to Selame.

Sofina asks Briaen, "Hear that?"

Chepiso says to Saragos, "Tools are meant to be discarded when they are of no more use."

Saragos says to Chepiso, "You've confessed, right before this crowd, to deliberately seeking out those you admit are the tools of the Immortals."

Waydren beams at Tambellis!

Slarc says, "Say All who have dabbled in necromancy are destined for the red spiral."

Tambellis briefly spreads her arms outward and begins to sing. A few gently melodic tones quickly build into a luscious lyrical theme.

Akeiro whispers something to Selame.

Raikage says, "Literally, a hound even."

Madigan praises Tambellis.

The clear, ringing tones of Tambellis's song define a soothing melody that sails easily into the high reaches of her range.

Briaen nods to Sofina.

Slarc says, "It's pretty cut and dry."

Waydren nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Briaen says to Sofina, "I have heard it many times."

Selame whispers something to Akeiro.

Nawain says to Chepiso, "'No one hunts dogs, you silly man. They hunt wolves. Dogs are friends."

Caledric says to Chepiso, "You yourself are nothing more than a tool."

You reach out with your senses and see blazing (20/21) streams of roiling Elemental mana coursing through the area.

You sense the Banner of Truce spell matrix in the area, which will last for about eighteen roisaen.

Raikage says, "He sounds like he has accepted that."

Voranos says to Chepiso, " I don't think many argue your point of hunting them, but scorching the earth in your path to do so we take objection to."

Timorias asks, "If the gods can't or won't redeem the fallen then they aren't worth worshiping. If they can and WILL then who are we to stop those seeking that redemption?"

Chepiso says to Saragos, "You speak mental gymnastics to justify fighting side by side with Necromancers in Zaulfang. In Maelshyve's Soul. On Basalt Island. You welcome them. You are friends with them. You are tainted with them, and by them."

Yallen says in Gorbesh, "It is with a wholesome heart and true spirit as a believer that necromancers, and those that harbour them in any regard, that this paladin is showing many of you the errors that you have neglected for some time, and as such, you must be confronted with your actions, and allow yourself to be held accountable for allowing the necromancer problem to have run rampant for such a long time."

Selame whispers something to Akeiro.

Raikage nods at Yallen, obviously agreeing with her views.

Chepiso asks Saragos, "Tell me -- would you a decade ago have seen yourself at a table with Necromancers planning these events, justifying an alliance?"

Betlind says to Mazrian, "Be careful, those banners have a weird way with their mana streams."

Mazrian gawks at Yallen.

Waydren looks at Chepiso and sighs.

Navesi raises an eyebrow in Yallen's direction.

Sofina says, "Oh wow."

Akeiro whispers something to Selame.

Sofina gazes at Yallen.

Yallen glances at Sofina.

Sofina says, "Heard clear as day."

Betlind quietly says, "Seventeen roisen left on the banner."

Sofina smirks.

Navesi asks Yallen in Gorbesh, "May I quote you?"

Akeiro takes a bite of the popcorn.

Mendira asks Chepiso, "Do you believe Berengaria herself to be tainted as well, for offering them Her Redemption?"

Saragos says to Chepiso, "Yes, if as you say, tools get discarded when used up, then there is NO SIN in using those tools. If we associate with the Redeemed to strike blows at the Necromancers, at the Demonic, then we are literally using the Immortals' tools, that they have specifically granted us, to strike at them."

Whynd shakes his head.

Yallen peers quizzically at Navesi.

Navesi points at a slender oak-bound volume incised with "The First Land Herald" she has.

Caledric gathers up a fine crimson linen cloth and all the food it holds, stuffs the bundle into a cherrywood picnic basket dangling a golden gryphon charm, and closes the lid securely.

Chepiso says to Saragos, "Exactly what I thought. You are one who treats with Necromancers. You are one who perpetuates the poison that rots Elanthia to its soul."

Navesi says to Yallen in Gorbesh, "In the newspaper."

Whynd weirdly says in Ilithic, "Awful convenient, how many necromancers have you healed at Dokts Yallen."

Briaen gazes at a damaged book of "Religions of Elanthia" tethered by a tarnished steel chain.

Caledric leans on his hammer.

Timorias says, "I myself have issues with several Necromancers. But if even they chose to seek redemption I would support them in trying to better themselves."

Sofina chuckles at Whynd.

Akeiro says, "My apprentice would never knowingly do such a thing."

Tambellis joylessly says, "All I care about was that a Bard was killed by a mob without a chance to defend themselves. What happens to other guilds and gods isn't my concerned, Necromancers and non-Necromancers have an equal opporutnity to make me sad."

Selame glances at Whynd.

Chepiso says to Saragos, "I bet you have spoken with many of them in private about their Philosophy of the Knife."

Mendira asks Chepiso, "Who are you to think yourself more righteous than the Immortals themselves?"

Chepiso observes Saragos with fascination.

Whynd makes a grunting noise.

Ruea says, "Goodness, this is a lot of people on a bridge."

Sofina asks Akeiro, "And how do you think her and I met?"

Betlind grins at Ruea, her dimples flashing into view.

Harsh quietly says, "Gotta be clost to capacity."

Harsh nods.

Saragos says to Chepiso, "I fought against the Lich, yes. And I pronounce you a fallen Inquisitor for striking down the tools that the Immortals Redeemed, by Their Hand, to help us."

Ruea winks at Betlind.

Akeiro asks Sofina, "By your unwitting good fortune?"

Yallen glances at Whynd.

Akeiro angles his ears forward, gazing curiously at Sofina.

Selame smirks at Akeiro.

Sofina chuckles.

(Nawain hops up and down on the bridge experimentally.)

Nawain exclaims to Harsh, "Still solid!"

Betlind babbles something incoherent at Nawain.

Timorias grins at Nawain.

Waydren says to Chepiso, "You are the blight that I named you. It twists and kills, but not before the tree bears seeds. The blight continues within those seeds, spreading the sickness to nearby areas as they are caught and carried by bird and animal alike."

Harsh flashes a wide grin.

Waydren says to Chepiso, "Blighted trees are destroyed for the sake of the forest. Continue on this path and you will be cut down so that your twisted crusade does not spread and infect others."

Harsh quietly says, "Thanks for checkin."

Harsh lets out a long sigh of relief.

Mendira nods at Waydren, obviously agreeing with his views.

Nawain nods at Harsh, obviously agreeing with his views.

Nawain raises her hand in a quick salute.

Yallen whispers something to Navesi.

Navesi gives Yallen a slight nod.

Tathalus says to Chepiso, "I think the main takeaway right now and probably the easiest step is simply this, what use is it to save a town, if you burn that whole town to ashes with your actions, I mean by all means, be violent, but be more focused on whats a target and whats an innocent."

Chepiso asks Dantia, "Tell me. Which of them won the speech contest for the most motivating mental gymnastics for why they justify protecting Necromancers?"

In the blink of an eye, Waydren disappears into his surroundings.

Raikage chuckles at Akeiro.

Dantia chuckles at Chepiso.

Ezerak says to Tathalus, "You are far too wise today, and it is scaring me."

Lycidylia nods at Ezerak, obviously agreeing with his views.

Ruea asks Tathalus, "It is a bit jarring, did Lyci hit you with a pan or something?"

Traveler Caade goes east.

A blue moonbeam dissipates.

Traveler Caade just arrived.

Chepiso says, "My money is on the one who treats with them about their Philosophy and yet tries to twist my words."

Tathalus says to Ezerak, "Ehhhh tapping into my old brain."

Lycidylia ponders.

Waydren reveals himself.

Waydren gestures.

Caade raises his hands skyward, chanting.

You decipher the telltale signs of the Moongate spell.

Yallen appears to be whispering to those in her company.

Waydren joins Madigan's group.

Tathalus asks Ruea, ".......thats cold.....and how did you know?"

Lycidylia says to Ruea, "Surprisingly not today, but might be damage from yesterday."

Akeiro nods at Yallen, obviously agreeing with her views.

Raikage grins at Yallen.

Yallen whispers something to Chelinde.

Caade softly says, "Climb the moongate if you don't like Necromancers."

Timorias sighs.

Saragos asks, "So, anyone here who went after the Lich - anyone here who thinks we did wrong? Anyone here feel any guilt about deploying the holy weapon, the Sanyu Aes against him?"

Caade gestures.

A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

Timorias shakes his head.

You frown.

Ruea glances at Lycidylia thoughtfully, her lips tilting into a secretive smile before looking away.

With a waver like a mirage, Waydren fades into view.

Briaen nods at Waydren, obviously agreeing with his views.

Caledric says, "Your words have been twisted from the start. You are simply using necromancers as a tool for you to seize power."

Betlind says to Saragos, "Would do it again in a heartbeat."

Caade softly exclaims, "Climb the Moongate if you denounce Necros!"

Chepiso says, "You're all fools."

Warrior Zealot Chepiso went through a blue Moongate.