Anthyl's Wagon (2)

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Anthyl's Wagon (2)
Event Web Festival
Owner Anthyl
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Armor shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Anthyl's Wagon, Displays]
Roomy and surprisingly airy, the wagon's wooden walls are darkly stained with the patina of time and countless miles of travel. Large bins hold sheet metal, raw ore and other more exotic materials while a few brightly colored pennants have been hung about to add color. Against one wall, a table of rosewood, fanciful figures and flowers carved into its legs, displays the latest wares of the master crafter and metalsmith. You also see an armor stand with some stuff on it, a rosewood table with some stuff on it and a stained mahogany rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, out.

On the armor stand
Item Price Done
steel double ring mail 181,250   !!
padded leather hunters 20,825   !!
azurine padded hunters 193,750   No
brass-riveted jousting plate 335,187   !!
On the rosewood table
Item Price Done
dappled leather belt sheath 100   No
hammered silver gorget ?   !!
bronze knotwork torque ?   No
gold knotwork torque 4,700   No
serpentine falcata 2,750   
leather dueling gauntlets 187   No
steel mace with a chiseled strapwork shaft ?   !!!!
quillion dagger 1,000   !!
oak leaf dagger 3,750   !!
gauntlets engraved with a boar's head ?   No
serrated-edge flamberge 275,000   
twisted hilt claymore 150,000   
On the mahogany rack
Item Price Done
kastane 6,900   
ring gorget 1,875   No
staff carved with the image of a fox chasing a possum 5,000   !!!!
ironwood staff with a coiled serpent carved around the top 7,500   No
twisted driftwood staff made of saltwater hardened oak 2,600   
enameled sheath inlaid with panels of silver trimmed in brass 7,600   !!

[Anthyl's Wagon,Workroom]
Perhaps a tad more cramped than the display room, this portion of the wagon is dedicated to Anthyl's craft. Wood bins hold a vast array of tools, some readily identifiable and others far more arcane, and a sturdy steel-topped table holds works in progress. A small brazier atop a collapsible travelling stand provides a small forge for making cold metal more mallable. You also see an important note, an inscribed steel sign and a triple-headed cane made of finest burnished mahogany.
Obvious paths: west.

An important note reads:
It takes a keen eye, a love of metal and years of experience before 
the effects of balancing can be seen by just looking. If you can't 
detect the change in your weapon, quit looking at it and go swing it! 

     Anthyl's Metal Work             
        Does your weapon go right           
            when you go left?               
     Thin armor leaving you with large      
            holes in bad places?            
  Tempering................120000 kronars   
     Adds 10 percent to the strength        
       of armor, shield or weapon           
  Coarse balancing..........50000 kronars   
  Moderate balancing.......100000 kronars   
  Custom Balancing.........150000 kronars   
      Only weapons may be balanced          
 I only work on good Elanthian metal. If    
 you're fool enough to wear dead animals,   
    take it to those pointy-eared Elves.