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Andriane Dalselena
Status: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female
Type: merchant, alterer

You see Andriane Dalselena, a Human.
She has been transformed completely. Eyes dark as night gaze out from behind the obsidian mask. Black swan feathers are entwined within her long flowing golden hair and silvery ribbons shimmer down her shoulders.
She is in good shape.

Andriane's hands are empty.
She is wearing a silvery white steelsilk swordsman's cloak that sweeps gracefully from shoulder to knee, an elaborately feathered mask in shimmering greens with obsidian rimmed eyes, a beaded scarf wrapped with one end cascading down the back so that its crystal beads glimmer in the light like stars in a sky of charcoal silk, some black pearl teardrop earrings, a black pearl pendant hung from a green velvet choker, a gown of iridescent green watersilk trimmed in black seed pearls along the neckline and a pair of delicate black velvet slippers.

Merchant information

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