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Andorell Threkkona
Status Retired
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


Andorell has almond-shaped blue eyes, a pinched nose and dimples. Her dark brown hair is short and straight, and is worn loose. She has fair skin and a lithe figure. She is tall for a Human. She appears to be an adult. She has a tattoo of a roaring lion over a set of scales weighing a sword and an olive laurel on her leg.


She is wearing an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps, some knee-high black leather boots with thick cuffs, a black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips, a brass-buckled black leather garter adorned with bronze studs, some low-riding black leather pants laced up the sides with Elven silk ribbons, a claymore sheath, a courier's scroll case of polished mistwood inlaid with ivory, a fine spidersilk hip pouch set with a small flame-shaped clasp, a black leather war belt riveted with blued-steel studs, a gold whorled albredine ring, an albredine crystal ring, some perfect gargoyle-hide gloves, a deep woven-reed apothecary's basket lined with grey twill, a crocodile-skin buckler, some perfect storm-bull leathers, a black leather longcoat with carved bone buttons, a clinging black Elven silk blouse cut to drape softly off one shoulder, a heavy leather hiking pack embossed with twin crossed spears, a pitch-black longbow, a magnificent purple heart and osage Elothean battle bow fitted with an onyx arrow plate, a lochaber axe, a lumpy bundle, a skeleton pin, a zombie-shaped charm, a pumpkin pin, an antiqued filigree clasp overlaid with a crimson shield bearing the embossed gold image of a rearing silvery gryphon, a fitted black leather corset side-laced with silvery silk cord, a striped campaign ribbon, a blackened steel badge labeled "Beware the Hag!", a sapphire nose stud carved in the shape of a teardrop, a dark steel earcuff hung with an arrowhead-shaped scarlet jade, a perfect bison-hide cowl and a silver belt knife with a polished mahogany hilt.

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