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Amayel Evarsa
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Jorenn


You see Amayel Evarsa, a Human Moon Mage.
He has a triangular face, hazel eyes and a straight nose. His russet hair is short and wavy. He has fair skin and a lean build. He is tall for a Human.
A set of garnet pyramids float lazily around his left wrist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin.
He is an adult.
He is clean shaven.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a draping uaro's'sugi of lustrous aubergine shadesatin, silversteel forester's arbalest with a felwood stock, an intricately strapped nightsilk harness with felwood toggles, a thrice-wrapped multihued baldric featuring swaths of pallid moonsilk, a tattered aubergine robe covered in cambrinth-beaded symbols, some heavily bloodstained leathers tooled with an elaborate symbol on the chest, a small grey pack adorned with magical symbols, a silver studded divinator's belt of deep blue bourde, a heavy animite shackle engraved with intricate knotwork, a gloomwood telescope case with mistglass caps, a pitch black thigh quiver crudely stitched with thin white symbols and a pair of tall boots bearing tomiek fittings.