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What your design should specify

  • the noun: briar, bush, plant, shrub, or thornbush
  • the appearance or “tap”: how it appears in the room description or inside a thicket
  • the description or “look”: the more detailed description people see when they look at your plant

Design Guidelines for Embrace of the Vela'Tohr

Any additional objects in the plant, such as bugs, must be explicitly illusionary (not real).

Because vela'tohr plants are empathic, it wouldn’t be appropriate to depict them being covered in blood, gore, etc.


Valid nouns (hard-coded in the script):

  • briar
  • bush
  • plant
  • shrub
  • thornbush

The adjective must remain “vela'tohr.”

The “tap” must be 80 characters or shorter (no commas).


Note: The “look” is only visible when the plant is the only plant in the room. If it’s part of a thicket, the “look” won’t be visible, but players can see the “tap” by typing LOOK THICKET.

The “look” must be 500 characters or shorter and must be consistent with its being some kind of vela'tohr plant. Base description: “The vela'tohr plant is a large, stalky bush. Its thick stem supports numerous coiled tendrils, which sway gently as if searching for something.”

The end of the look will automatically include the sentence “Giant dark green leaves yawn open from the base of the stalk, revealing a myriad of [tiny flower buds|ripening flower buds|tiny flowers|blossoming flowers|brilliant flowers],” which indicates potency.

All descriptions should be objectively written in the third person (no “you” or “your”) and should show only what a casual observer could tell by looking.