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Altaire Zenshrike
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


He has silver-flecked blue-green eyes. His snow-white-streaked red hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn tied back in a thick rope-like column bound by some miniature silversteel greatswords. He has tanned skin and a massive build.
He is of commanding height for a Dwarf.
He is mature.
He has a thick mustache and a full beard that is split into thirds and woven into three thick braids that hang down to his waist. Wound around each beard plait is a wide kertig ring graced with a fractured spear of night black zephyr's heart.
He has a tattoo of a golden hawk with its wings spread wide on his chest.

He is typically seen wearing an oceanic orichalcum shortbow draped in lengths of azure songsilk, a sleek black hauberk fitted with bright silversteel plates, a deep black scabbard crafted from fine damascened steel, an elegantly draped heartname leather cloak edged in bone warding beads, some ashen grey bitterweave robes strung with holy spiritgem icons, a thick diamond-hide war belt with a silversteel shield buckle, a pair of sleek morgawr leather dueling pants with narrow cuffs and some storm grey diamond-hide boots buckled with darkstone.

Key Events

ca. 349 AV: Arrived in the Crossing, joining the Warrior Mage Guild after a brief survey of the city and surrounding environs.
364 AV: Married to Larilliana Lychis.
350-380 AV: Fought in every major conflict faced by Zoluren.
380 AV: Departed Zoluren to search for those who had wronged his family. Vanished without a trace after entering Dwarven lands.
438 AV: Returned to the Crossing.

Character Origin / Background