All in Good Tome (1)

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All in Good Tome
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 403
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Book shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[All in Good Tome, Grey Study]
The room, a monochromatic tribute to the shade of grey, smells of rich leather, fine linen, and dry paper. Roughened limestone tiles cover the floor and continue halfway up the walls where they connect with the slightly lighter painted walls. The ceiling boasts four gaethzen hemispheres, one in each corner, that provide a warm, even light. You also see a LARGE SIGN which you should READ, a grey table with several things on it, a pewter table with several things on it and a slate grey exit.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:
Please use GET to check the actual price for the books.
SHOP shows the original price, however the price for
these books increases with each one purchased until
they sell out.  Sorry about the confusion.
Editor's note: These books are verby (16 verbs
listed when STUDYed), but are non-functional otherwise.
On the grey table
Item Price Done
sickly brown chitin-covered codex with "Fire" burned into the surface 383,350   
narrow slate-bound tome with a raven's skull engraved below the word "Tawr" on the cover 293,150   
small book bound in pale white suede and stamped with the word "Sound" 315,700   
thick grimoire with "Elementary" scratched into the charred ironwood cover 270,600   
mottled green snakeskin roll with "Oasis" inscribed on its copperwood rollers 360,800   
thick leather-bound folio with elaborate tooling around the word "Burden" on the cover 405,900   
On the pewter table
Item Price Done
sheepskin vellum painted with grapevines that spell out "Joy" 405,900   
hefty black volume bound in metallic hide with "Imperium" on the spine 676,500   
burnished steel-bound treatise elaborately engraved with the word "Balance" 405,900   !!
elegant purple quarto entitled "Verses" with a teal ribbon binding 338,250   
thick grey folio covered in soft velvet with "Dwell" on the spine 315,700   
salt-stained tome bound in green leather with "Courses" on the spine 428,450