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Alaxndr Durnovaria
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


You see Guardian Lord Alaxndr Durnovaria, Advocate of Therengia, a Human Paladin.
He has blue-grey eyes. His snow-white-streaked golden brown hair is long and thick, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin.
He has a thick, evenly trimmed full mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long, thick full beard.


He is wearing a gold-edged helm, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a heavy silver torque set with an emerald plumed agate, a twisted silver medallion with an embedded soulstone, a pristine white greatcloak trimmed with tufted snowbeast fur and emblazoned with a rampant golden lion, a burnished silver cloak pin inset with a translucent glass sword and shield, a pilgrim's badge, a thick oak standard bearing a flowing black silk banner embroidered with the Paladin's Guild crest, an articulated blued-steel weapon harness with interlocking plates engraved with the form of a regal lion, a thick-shafted ironwood spear bearing many shallow notches, a platinum-hued armor pack shot through with narrow strands of steelsilk, a sleeveless white muslin robe that flows in soft folds to mid-calf, some gold-edged armor, a spiraling silver armband inscribed "Kaith Kirm Champion, Therengia, 374 AV", a polished steel epaulet set with a cambrinth crest of the Paladin Guild, a warrior's tower shield, some gold-edged gauntlets, a double-wrapped leather sword belt stamped and painted with proud golden lions, a brilliant white sheath crafted from a snowbeast pelt tooled with pairs of narrow golden lines, a silver-inlaid willow spellbook case, some supple leather pants with dark silk bindings and some fur-lined white leather boots.

Additional Information

Alaxndr lives in Therengia, though Cleworth has sent him to Boar Clan to clear an old Togball field of undead.