Affair of the Art (3)

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Affair of the Art
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Affair of the Art, Salesfloor]
Except for the colors provided by the merchandise, the room is an unrelieved white - white walls, white floors, white ceilings, and white counter. Large empty spaces between the artworks allow for each piece to be properly appreciated without distractions from other works. Gaethzen globes provide a steady and safe lighting for all the wares.<br< You also see a white door and a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
large painting of a group of courtiers around a princess - [wall hanging] 150,000   
vertical portrait of a smiling woman before a window - [wall hanging] 200,000   
horizontal painting of people promenading through a park - [wall hanging] 350,000   
vertical painting of a couple holding hands - [wall hanging] 300,000   
horizontal artwork depicting dancing women in the woods - [wall hanging] 390,000   
blue painting of the night sky over a dark landscape - [wall hanging] 200,000   
large seascape depicting a storm-tossed raft - [wall hanging] 380,000   
wide landscape showing a battle scene - [wall hanging] 290,000   
double portrait of a farm couple - [wall hanging] 140,000   
enormous painting of a company of soldiers marching down a street - [wall hanging] 430,000   
vertical artwork of a stylized couple kissing - [wall hanging] 300,000   
horizontal landscape of peasant hunters in a wooded snowscape - [wall hanging] 300,000   
horizontal seascape of a woman in a floating shell - [wall hanging] 300,000   
square portrait of two richly dressed men by a table - [wall hanging] 300,000   
upright artwork of a man in a bathtub holding a note - [wall hanging] 300,000   
upright landscape with a nursing woman - [wall hanging] 300,000   
wide portrait of a couple under a tree - [wall hanging] 300,000   
square painting of a woman in a blue and white headdress - [wall hanging] 300,000   
long painting of a reclining woman - [wall hanging] 300,000   
upright portrait of a boy dressed in blue satin - [wall hanging] 300,000   
small painting of a woman in swing - [wall hanging] 150,000   
rectangular painting of four men holding swords - [wall hanging] 150,000   
simple painting of a stylized horse - [wall hanging] 150,000   
long embroidered tapestry of battle scene - [wall hanging] 150,000   
wide painting of a desert with an orlog-draped tree in the foreground - [wall hanging] 150,000   
long painting of a woman in a grassy field - [wall hanging] 150,000   
colorful painting of a woman holding a flag in front of a crowd - [wall hanging] 150,000   
square painting of the surface of a pond covered in waterlilies - [wall hanging] 150,000   
rectangular painting of three women in a field - [wall hanging] 150,000