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Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Platinum


You are Wildling Aevarn Fala'Prio, Shadow Hunter, an Elven Ranger.
You have an angular face, pointed ears, sparkling leaf-green eyes and a straight nose. Your light brown hair is shoulder length and straight, and is worn loose, tucked behind your ears. You have fair skin and a lean build.
You are tall for an Elf.
You are young.
Your back has a tattoo of whorled colors reminiscent of a starless night that twist and spiral around the shoulders and waist with strong, bold tribal patterns. At its center, a wild-eyed Elven man stands next to a massive wolverine, their heads thrown back in defiant snarls as the darkness threatens to consume them.

You are wearing a verdant oak leaf dangling from a raw leather cord, a long hooded lotusweave cloak with an oak leaf clasp, a black-headed caique charm, an icesteel pin hammered to resemble a delicately curled leaf, a brass badge etched with a laurel and lion's claw crest, a large hunting pack crafted from wyvern hide, a steel targe studded with a labyrinthine pattern in oravir, a tiny feyweave locksmith's pouch with shadow emerald buckles, a braided leather war belt accented with a row of e'erdream arrowheads, a sturdy blued moonsilver repair case with a broad-buckled shoulder strap and some ankle-high Elven stalking boots.