Aesry Tribunal Building

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The city hall municipal building for the island of Aesry. From the bank, go north, northeast, north, northeast, northeast then go into the building. Among the services offered are a debt collection office, a citizenship office, an Estate Holder home permit and exchanges office, a citizen-only notice list for the ships in the harbor as well as pickable flowers.

[Tribunal Building, Courtyard]
Soaring white quartz columns line the courtyard, supporting the overhanging roof and creating a shaded two-story cloister. Pale blue marble and white quartz tiles covering the floor have been interlocked in a subtle pattern that creates a sense of the open ocean, with a round raised garden in the center. The sounds of the street filter in only faintly through the polished bronze bars of the front gate, and matching bronze stairways climb up to either side. You also see some double doors crafted of the finest silverwood, a broad arch on the western wall and the citizenship office.
Obvious exits: none.


Surrounded by a low wall built of polished blocks of dark obsidian, the garden is a tumble of native plants and flowers. Deep green k'dira and whisper bushes are surrounded by Eluned's tears interspersed with brilliant white geshiloira flowers.