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Adongonif Landsmangoniv
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

Deity of choice : Botolf
Home and citizenship in Therenborough.


You are Guardian Lord Adongonif Landsmangoniv, Head of Estate of Therengia, a Human Paladin.
You have elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and steely grey eyes. Your grey-streaked black hair is short and curly, and is worn matted down on top in a serious case of "helmet hair". You have tanned skin. You are middle-aged.
You have a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip. You have a tattoo of a roaring lion over a set of scales weighing a sword and an olive laurel on your chest.
You were born on the 22nd day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 334 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
You are wearing a midnight black helm, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a platinum eyebrow ring, some steel-rimmed spectacles, a serpentine cambrinth earcuff carved in the shape of an adder, a polished carousel horse earring, a bronzed cambrinth pendant engraved with a detailed image of a goshawk, an ebony goshawk medallion, an ornamental polished steel gorget inlaid with a brass gauntlet, an austere grey cassock clasped at the shoulder with a Hounds of Rutilor pin, a low-collared black cape lined with golden silk, a rusty steel pin stamped with "Forsaken Savior", a pilgrim's badge, a smoke grey fur-lined waistcoat, a brass pin that reads "Trust me because I am not a Thief!", a white oralana boutonniere, a gold cloak pin engraved with the crest of the Paladin Guild, a pale blue satin ribbon, a royal blue Kaith Kirm button, a wooden goshawk trinket, a copper lion trinket, a green agate goshawk bauble, a matte bronze cloak pin enamelled with a vivid gem-hued mosaic pattern, a brass lion trinket, some lace cuffs, a whimsical pewter fae charm, a gold pin cast in the shape of a pair of broken handcuffs, an oversized copper clasp set with a soulstone, some pitch-black socks, a gold badge etched with the words "I love Thieves.", a lumpy bundle, a white canvas satchel stamped with bold red block letters, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, an ivory linen swordsman's shirt with blackworked cuffs, a quilted royal blue jupon with burnished brass buttons, some massive plate armor, a cambrinth armband carved into the shape of interlocked leaping dolphins, a spiraling silver armband inscribed "Kaith Kirm Champion, Therengia, 374 AV", some engraved elbow spikes, an enameled tower shield painted with the Therengian royal crest, some polished steel knuckles, some articulated jousting gauntlets with embossed brass guards, a black agate ring inset with a cambrinth shark, a silver ring inlaid with a tiny cambrinth goshawk, an albredine crystal ring, a carved pick, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, an origami-paper envelope, an ebony lockpick case, some fitted black wolfskin trousers, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, a dark steel knife with a wire-wrapped hilt, some iron knee spikes, some pitted steel-toed footwraps, some soft green woolen socks trimmed in gold embroidery, a pair of calf-high adan'f scale boots with bronzed rowel spurs, and an etched steel parry stick with black leather straps.

Owns a fully trained war-horse.


Born into a noble house in the province of Therengia, his family fell upon hard times when his father was falsely accused of thievery by a rival, and was imprisoned, where he fell ill and died. While in prison though, his father made friends with a S'Kra named Schvartzgonif, who agreed to help out the young boy and his mother; as the S'kra was going to be shortly released.

His mother was a disciple of Alamhif, and believed that there was good in all peoples. She and the young lad were provided for by the young Mur, who resided in the town of Crossing. The young Adon played on the streets with the others, but never joined in pickpocketing games with them, but rather would watch the knights come and go on Herald Street.

The young boy grew into his teens, and it was soon time to either go study at the Aesmath Academy, or join a guild. Unfortunately for the young lad, the Gorbesh War came, and his mother was one of the many who lost their lives defending the Old Temple. The young man, determined to clear his families name, now had an additional duty - to defend the ways of the Gods. Although still younger than many of the guilded, due to the many deaths of seasoned warriors to the Gorbesh, the Paladin Guild, who by this time was being led by Darius in the Crossing, accepted him into their ranks.

Unusual for a paladin, he worships Botolf. His reasoning is, that everything happens for a purpose. And to serve the greater good, sometimes unorthodox means of accomplishing those deeds must be chosen by those who would follow the teachings of the gods.