Acid Splash (2.0)

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Acid Splash Targeted Magic Spell
Abbreviation: ACS
Prerequisites: None
Minimum Prep: 1
Casting Cap: 61
Valid Spell Target: Critters, Others
Description: The Acid Splash spell conjures up an imperfect fragment of the fabled Universal Solvent that is targeted at an enemy. While lacking the potency or duration of the often sought alchemical ideal, the Acid Splash spell is powerful in its own right. Each conjuration is a different acidic solution, meaning that it can be effective against any opponent if used several times.

In their experimentations with death and dying, some of the Philosopher's thoughts also turned to science and alchemy to aid them in their pursuit of the Great Work. The power of acid has always been associated with Necromancy, sometimes wrongly and sometimes rightly.

What is known, however, is that in some of their experimentations with Synthetic Creation to discover the legendary 'Universal Solvent,' that which can dissolve all known matter, they discovered a trick to conjuring a lesser and briefer version of it, achieving a partial success. What has been dubbed the Acid Splash spell conjures up an extremely brief summoning of an acidic substance which is thrown at a target (for reasons unknown to observers, since it uses a targeting matrix).

This acidic substance is almost never the same twice in a row, changing its properties with every cast. The practical result is that no creature or person can always be immune to it, but the Necromancer can also get unlucky as well.

Example Messaging: Possible Messaging:

Xerasyth cups his hand before thrusting his palm up and out in a slapping motion at <target>!
Angry hissing accompanies green-hued liquid spraying forth from Xerasyth's palm to form a viridian glob that quickly leaps towards <target>.
<Target> blocks the viridian globe with his shield, sending a spray of sizzling mist up into the air.

As the glob races by her right eye, several drops fly off to sting and burn pits into the socket.

As the spasmodic glob engulfs his abdomen, a forceful plume of crimson steam is ejected from the cavity created by dissolving organs and pitted bone. At last the abdomen falls apart entirely, to be absorbed into the growing puddle of foamy flesh on the floor.


  • Random damage type.