A Curious Anomaly

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Lenaea says, "Alright, we'd best get started."

Lenaea says, "Thank you for coming. As you know, or may have heard, a few weeks ago we proposed the next step we will take to understand the conflict between ourselves and entities from the Plane of Probability."

Lenaea says, "For those who were not at our last meeting, we unveiled our theory behind why hostility may exist. We submit that bestowing a name on a thing from the Plane of Probability does great violence because the name turns infinite possibility into finitude, thus severing the thing from all of its potential."

Lenaea says, "If we are correct, actions of seers that have come before us, and our continued use of the named Grazhir shards in the microcosm, continue to anger the Arbiter and other extra planar entities. But if we are to rectify the situation, we must understand whether we are correct, and understand how we should proceed."

Lenaea says, "We already tried to reach out to creatures from the Plane of Probability. Those who were there on Taisgath saw the shadows recoil at the attempted contact, and some lashed out at Aaoskar's mind, injuring him deeply. This time we will attempt to speak to Nera, one of the most powerful seers in our collective memory, and the woman who may have doomed us by bestowing a name on Pelag ai Aldam."

Greydok says, "Thank you."

Lenaea says, "So far, Bardic recall at the Planar Observatory, near where we now stand, has been our primary source of information about Nera, the Arbiter, and what occurred many centuries ago. In a few weeks, however, we will use teleportation magic to create a subtle anomaly in probability, in our present time, that Nera might have noticed in the past. Our hope is that she will reach forward to speak with us, just as she did with Pelag and the Arbiter."

Aaoskar gestures.

A swirling vortex of shadows draws itself from the ground and coalesces into a black Moongate, which yawns open like a hungry maw.

You peer through the Moongate...
[Middens, Crossbow Bend]
Before you stands the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow. It is a three-story edifice, its sixteen-sided walls capped with a crystal dome. The top floor is also the nerve center of the Moon Mages' Guild, a most powerful and revered arcane circle throughout Elanthia. All in all a rather quirky structure, it manages to inspire awe and curiosity at the same time. A carved ivory door leads inside. You also see a pale blue moonbeam, a pool of grey shadows, a bright yellow plaid cloth with several things on it, a dilapidated tea cart with a couple of things on it, an ornate silver gateway and an ivory urn.
Also here: Frost Fang Taevish who is sheathed in an aura of crackling electricity.
Obvious paths: west.

Aaoskar peers through the Moongate.

Frost Fang Taevish came through a black Moongate.

Taevish animatedly exclaims, "My thanks!"

You notice as a massive hiro bear with dense ruffled fur lumbers into the area.

Aaoskar nods.

Greydok says, "If there is an Empath in attendance I would be greatful for a heal."

Lenaea says, "Aaoskar will explain in a moment how this will hopefully work, but first, I want to tell you that the attempt will take place here, at the Ankis Dir Observatory, colloquially named the Cosmic Eye. We are situated very close to Asharshpar'i, the Grazhir shard by which we access the Planar Observatory, but that is not the only reason to choose this place."

Lenaea says, "The Cosmic Eye, where we now stand, is perhaps one of the oldest links we Moon Mages have to the past. The menhir, or standing stones, placed on this hill have stood watch over Leth Deriel, and the Crossing, for centuries. Thousands of feet have walked these stones. It is a place of power - at one time it served as a guildhall for Moon Mages, also the home of a High Council. It is rumored that, even now, the Children of Kalestraum are drawn to this place because of some ancient power."

Lenaea says, "Because we are trying to connect with someone from our past, making the attempt here, at such an important place, might just help to improve our odds of success."

Lenaea says, "And now Aaoskar will help to explain our possible methods. After he is done, we will speak briefly, for now, about what we want to ask Nera."

Aaoskar says, "To explain how we will use teleportation magic to, hopefully, connect with Nera, let us talk briefly about why we hope this will work."

Aaoskar says, "Most people think that something can either be here or there, but not both places at the same time. Teleportation magic, however, operates on a different model. One needs only to focus on an open Moongate to see that, using a principle of enlightened geometry, the Moongate occupies two points in space simultaneously."

Aaoskar says, "Why is this so? Because our moonbeams connect with the Plane of Probability. In the Plane of Probability, everything and nothing has its place: everything that was and was not, is and is not, and will and will not be. Every possible event and outcome are present there. Moonbeams are no exception."

Aaoskar says, "Our written lore affirms that teleportation magic is possible only through access to the Plane of Probability. For a point of reference, one might consult A Beginner's Guide to Astrology, Prophetic Reflections, or Denizens of the Plane of Probability. But the mechanisms behind how and why our teleportation magic functions is not explained in detail in any of these books."

Aaoskar says, "We hypothesize that teleportation is possible because a single moonbeam exists in infinite states simultaneously within the Plane of Probability. When we open a moongate, we are opening and connecting two possible versions of the same moonbeam, connecting two different locations. While this may sound strange, we are not the first to suggest that things exist in different states simultaneously. Both followers of G'nar Peth and Jon Ilbani made similar claims."

Aaoskar says, "Now to discuss why we hope this will work. We believe we can use the inherent variation of a moonbeam to create a peculiar anomaly within the Plane of Probability, in our present time, that Nera would have noticed in her time. We hope that we can create an anomaly that would have attracted her attention and prompt her to reach out to explore its source."

Aaoskar says, "We propose to use at least one of the following several methods to attract Nera's attention:."

Aaoskar says, "As a first option, we will ask that moon mages focus moonbeams into one area here, at the Cosmic Eye. In rapid succession, we will destroy and recreate moonbeams and Moongates by using unbend sigils to destroy the anchored beams. This could create a sort of distress beacon that a talented seer would have noticed in the past."

Aaoskar says, "Another option would be to concentrate access points to the Plane of Probability by opening multiple Moongates to the Cosmic Eye. The connection to that plane could be further reinforced by triangulating moongates opened from the Marendin, Vellano, and Taniendar shards to the Cosmic Eye, with the hope that we will draw upon the powers of the Pillars of Secrets, Unity, and Introspection. Such concentrated access might create a ripple large enough that a seer like Nera would have noticed in the past."

Aaoskar says, "The option we have considered the most, however, is an attempt to thread probability upon itself. We will do this by asking moon mages to shift their focused moonbeams, and even opened Moongates, back and forth through the eye of a single Moongate, entangling and disentangling a knot in probability. We hypothesize that this anomaly might be enough to pique the curiosity of Nera as she viewed the web of fate from her time."

Taevish raises his hand.

Aaoskar says, "I'm almost finished."

Lenaea grins.

Aaoskar says, "That is how we might achieve this objective, and, of course, we do plan to take whatever precautions we can. I welcome your thoughts and comments after we're done here today."

Taevish animatedly says, "Sorry."

The Dwarf says, "'Ware the Y'Shai!"

Lenaea nods.

Lenaea grins at a Dwarf.

Aaoskar stares blankly at a Dwarf.

Lenaea says, "As you can see, we will need lots of help. From Moon Mages, certainly, but also from Bards, as Bardic recall may be key in communicating with Nera. Paladins will also be welcome, for we have found working under a banner of truce to be beneficial to all. However, we would also like the help of empaths, and warriors of all kinds, just in case something goes awry."

The Dwarf roughly combs his beard with his fingers.

Lenaea says, "Now, as far as the questions we wish to ask, we have already discussed some themes. First, I think it would be wise to ask whether our theory on the naming ritual is correct."

Lenaea says, "If it is not correct, we should ask why the Arbiter is angry, especially since the extraplanar beings on Taisgath would not give us a straight answer."

Lenaea asks, "Ultimately, what we really want to know is how to achieve peace. What do we need to do to correct the sins of the past?"

Lenaea says, "We will meet again, perhaps a week before the attempt, to solicit specific questions we wish to ask, and to speak in greater detail about the procedures involved. I hope you will all think on this, and tell others, because we will need the help of many if we are to achieve our goal."

Lenaea says, "The journey to understanding is not ours alone, however. Rafano will soon lead an experiment to try to understand more about the Arbiter in Darkness by deciphering one of the lunar spells used by Traders. I plan to help him in whatever way I am able, and I hope you will do the same."

The Dwarf snorts, loudly.

Lenaea babbles incoherently at a Dwarf.

Lenaea says, "And with that, I close. Please feel free to ask any question that comes to mind."

The shadowy orb spins slowly as it hovers near Agalea, bathing the area in a fickle silver glow as bolts of light streak over its surface.

Lenaea motions to Taevish.

Taevish smiles.

The Dwarf shakes his fist at the sound of nearby wildlife.

Agalea raises her hand.

Taevish animatedly says, "My thanks."

Lenaea says, "First Taevish, then Agalea."

Taevish animatedly asks, "My concern is that it seems that this will require a large amount of magic. Abnormally large... is calling down the Heralds a concern?"

Middler asks, "Who.. what else could you be drawing the attention of with those methods?"

Middler ducks his head.

Yvela says, "Mychar thinks It's truly a wonder these mages have the social acceptance that they do. They don't realize how lucky they are they aren't being chased by angry mobs."

Yvela says, "Look."

Lenaea says, "It's actually a moderate amount of a specific kind of magic."

Yvela babbles incoherently.

Taevish animatedly asks, "We are sure of this?"

Djordje asks, "What do we say when the obvious answer is they demand we give up our magic?"

Taevish animatedly says, "I just don't want the risk to out weigh the gains."

Lenaea says, "I would wager that the attempt that will be made to defeat Maelshyve will be much more troublesome than what we will do."

Aaoskar says, "It is magic that we use regularly. we will just be having more moon gates in one location than normal."

Aaoskar gestures.

Lenaea says, "This is also why we take precautions."

Lenaea says, "Banners of truce will be key."

You hear a voice say, "Evening all."

Taevish animatedly says, "Aye, I've raised the same concerns with that- and now two events of high magic so near each other..."

Flickering orange-red radiance erupts from seemingly nowhere, forming a jagged rift in the air. Woten steps out from within the light, followed by a gust of chill winds. The rift vanishes as swiftly as it appeared.

Agalea asks, "By doing this are You hoping that you can prevent the naming of Pelag? Would not doing so also gain the attention of a nasty spider no one wants to see?"

Rzin bows.

Woten bows to Aaoskar.

Greydok says, "Hello, Mortifer."

Rzin bows to Aaoskar.

Lenaea says, "We want to learn, to know. If we learn that we have no hope, so be it."

Lenaea says, "But not knowing.... not knowing is worse than anything, in my eye."

Aaoskar says, "That is a great question. i dont think we will know the answer to that question until we learn more from Rafano's research."

Taevish animatedly says, "I would be willing to attend the even if I am able, and provide a fortress for protection if needed."

Aaoskar says, "That would be wonderful, Taevish."

Taevish animatedly says, "It would be my honor."

Lenaea says, "I will admit, this effort will not be without danger."

Lenaea says, "We will attempt to traverse uncharted waters."

You hear someone gulp.

Lenaea says, "But I feel that we should try."

Aaoskar says, "It is possible that we could attract other entities, but we hope that this type of magic will go unnoticed by anyone by a talented seer because it is the type that we use so regularly...we are just using it with a twist."

Lenaea nods.

Lenaea says, "It's not a major flare that we're sending up."

Lenaea says, "Subtlety is key."

Woten says, "Sounds like famous last words to me."

You hear a voice say, "Ah, useing it with a twist, That Ol' chestnet. never heard that befor."

Aaoskar says, "Yes. research always leads one to analyzing things under a new lens."

Agalea says, "Sounds like it will be fun."

Lenaea says, "Well, Put it this way. Aaoskar once brought down the wrath of extra planar beings by working from within the astral plane. We're not going to do that. at all."

Lenaea says, "IN fact, we're trying to stay far away from it."

Aaoskar blushes furiously!

Lenaea pats Aaoskar on the back.

Aaoskar says, "Yes, we arent going to be in the astral plane, we are not using sorcery, high sorcery, feral sorcery, or teleologic sorcery either."

The Dwarf looks up with a scowl then mutters, "Now would you look at that!? Blasted rain."

Lenaea says, "While I understand the need to proceed with caution, if we risk nothing, we gain nothing."

Agalea pats the dungeon rat on the head, the rodent wiggling its whiskers contentedly in return.

Lenaea grins at Agalea.

Aaoskar says, "I think what we really need is suggestions on precautions and figuring out the precise questions that we need to ask."

The Dwarf gives Taevish a baleful scowl then asks, "Were you planning on becoming part of the scenery around here?"

Aaoskar says, "If nera shows herself, i doubt even she can transcend the boundaries of time for an extended period of time."

Taevish animatedly asks, "Sorry, I might have missed this, but does the location of the casting have to be here?"

The Dwarf gives Lenaea a baleful scowl then asks, "Were you planning on becoming part of the scenery around here?"

Lenaea says, "I think it's rather important."

Lenaea nods.

Aaoskar says, "This area is very rich in history and is a known place of lunar research and interaction. it might prove to be key."

Agalea asks, "She spent time here when she was alive?"

Aaoskar says, "The menhir stones alone speak of its anitquity. sometimes roads traveled often are easier to find."

Taevish animatedly says, "I just want to check if I can create a fortress here, if that is alright."

Lenaea nods to Taevish.

Taevish animatedly says, "It shouldn't distrub anything."

Aaoskar nods to Taevish.

Taevish gestures.

Four pillars of silvery-blue light form at the cardinal points around Taevish, filling the air with the lethal cold of deep winter. They begin spinning, casting off a glowing blue mist that quickly forms into solid walls. Taevish is enclosed within the walls, separated from the rest of the room.

Lenaea says, "Ahh. How nice,."

The Dwarf stubs his toe, spending the next few moments hopping up and down yelling loudly.

Aaoskar says, "It is very likely as her tribe did bring a piece of shard just a few hundred yards away."

Taevish smiles.

Taevish animatedly says, "Success."

Taevish dusts himself off.

The exterior of an Ice Fortress collapses and melts away.

Lenaea applauds.

Taevish gestures, and a smooth eruption of rock rises from the ground with a low rumble, shifting and flowing fluidly before settling into a seat of stone. He walks over to it and sits down.

Taevish nods.

Taevish animatedly says, "I will be happy to help then, just in case."

Aaoskar says, "Plus, the number of powerful mages that trained here is quite extensive."

Lenaea says, "We know that Demosel studied here."

Lenaea nods.

Aaoskar says, "It has a long history of teacher and student."

[Bosque Deriel, Ankis Dir Observatory]
A monument to the ancient Elven craftsmen of stone, the main observatory at Ankis Dir consists of four enormous rocks placed two by two so as to form an alley ten feet long and six feet wide between them. A fifth rock, higher and thicker than the others, closes the space to the east. The whole platform on which these stones stand is carved from a huge, thick mass of bedrock. A path leads down to the north.
You also see a stone seat, a massive hiro bear with dense ruffled fur that is sitting, a Dwarf, a black leopard that is sitting, a gangly Shadow Servant emblazoned with fiery symbols, a stone seat, a weathered metal telescope, a spotted coal black kitten and an ichor drenched prayer tapestry embroidered with the image of a slender woman.
Also here: Frost Fang Taevish who is sitting, Woten who has a fiery visage, Rifkinn, Sunyun, Burden to Society Digmo who is trailed by a discombobulated shadow jumping in and out of view, Middler, Yvela, Pokeke Izzu'hhr Elizzibiana, Ossomancer Mysto, Greydok who is sitting, Glytchh, Frediwyn, Astraglomancer Djordje who is crowned by a ring of glimmering stars, Oracle Agalea who is emanating a malevolent holy aura, Aaoskar, Researcher Nsar who is sitting and All-Seeing Lenaea surrounded underfoot by glittering blue hyacinth blossoms.
Obvious paths: south, down.

Lenaea just touched a bedrock platform.

Aaoskar says, "I think as always we dont want anyone to make a decision today. i just hope that everyone will ponder on how we should proceed. nothing should ever be pursued rashly and without thought."

You hear a voice say, "Agreed."

Lenaea asks, "Does anyone have any other thoughts?"

Woten asks, "Whats the plan if it goes sideways?"

Djordje asks, "You wanted to talk about what questions to ask?"

Lenaea says, "Scram. Quickly."

You hear someone chortling.

Aaoskar says, "Those that can defend. defend. those that should run. should run."

Aaoskar exclaims, "Yes, Djordje!"

You hear someone make a grunting noise.

Djordje asks, "Have a Contingency plan?"

Woten sighs.

Djordje grins wryly.

You hear a voice say, "Death."

Nsar seems to be trying to figure out how to turn a scarlet glaes pasabas inlaid with Eth'ral'khh symbols.

Woten chuckles.

Rifkinn gets a telothian serrated parazonium from inside his haversack.

Woten says, "Works better for some of us than others."

Lenaea says, "That's why we'll have banners, and remember, we'll be dealing with moongates."

You hear someone chuckling.

Rifkinn leans on his parazonium.

Rifkinn winks at Nsar.

Taevish animatedly says, "I can bring other into my fort, and thus far nothing I don't want to enter has been able to."

Agalea asks, "Why not ask her why she named Pelag as she did?"

Lenaea says, "And the gates of Leth Deriel are just a few yards away."

Djordje asks, "So what specific information are we trying to get?"

Lenaea nods at Agalea, obviously agreeing with her views.

The Dwarf shoots an accusatory glance at Mysto, then clutches his case tightly.

Taevish animatedly says, "Between the banners and the fortress, it would take quite a force."

Aaoskar says, "Well, fortunately as most are moon mages, hopefully, we can literally have contingencies up....for other people, we will have gates....and then i know i will stay behind and die to protect those who help us with this noble research."

Mysto stares blankly at a Dwarf.

The Dwarf grabs some charts from his case and unrolls them, then rifles through the pages, stopping only when he gets a nasty papercut.

Muttering under his breath he rerolls the charts and stows them in his case.

Lenaea says to Djordje, "What I want to know, specifically, is why she named Pelag. It seems she may have been the first to name an entity from the Plane."

Greydok says, "I would speak with the leaders of Leth Deriel. Fifty moonbeams dropping in the middle of this very quiet municipality may alarm. Beyond that I am out of my depth. I intent has merit but I do not believe it to change any 'sins' of the past. You can only learn from them. That said, I will be present."

Rzin stretches his arms.

Lenaea says, "This is outside the city gates, and a place long used by Moon Mages for research."

Aaoskar says, "I would like to know what Nera meant by death and glory."

Aaoskar says, "The death part is kind of obvious."

Aaoskar asks, "But is there something that we can gain to help Elanthia?"

Agalea says, "You can't have glory without death."

Agalea winks at Aaoskar.

Lenaea chuckles.

Rzin grins at Aaoskar.

The Dwarf glances up and scowls at Woten.

A Dwarf stomps down.

Middler nods to Greydok.

Aaoskar says, "Unfortunately, you're likely right."

Lenaea says, "I die ingloriously quite often. It'd be nice to die gloriously, I guess, for once."

Woten chuckles.

Taevish chuckles at Lenaea.

Aaoskar ponders.

Aaoskar says, "It would also be nice to also learn what they did to the obelisk, but that is slightly off topic."

Lenaea says, "I also want to know why Nera told the Arbiter that he might still give this moment meaning."

Lenaea says, "It makes me wonder if she knew that there would be conflict, but hoped that the Arbiter would somehow resolve it with us."

Aaoskar mutters something into the air about Arishalan.

Aaoskar studies the faces around him.

Lenaea says, "Of course, I am speaking of Bardic recall."

Lenaea says, "There is so much we do not know, questions unanswered."

Greydok says, "Thank you for the information. I look forward to seeing how this idea progresses. If you will excuse me, I would attend the jousts."

Aaoskar nods to Greydok.

Greydok sweeps his hand in front of him in a large arc, fluidly stepping backward and bowing at the same time.

Lenaea says, "I don't mean to prattle on. These are things we can discuss another time."

Lenaea says, "Please reach out to me, Aaoskar, or Rafano if you are interested in assisting with research."

Agalea says, "Well it should be an interesting event. What with so many wanting to poke holes in reality, one more can't hurt. And we might learn something from this one."

Lenaea says, "We will need all hands on deck."

Djordje says, "I like the way you think."

Greydok says, "I would be interested but largely useless. Elementalism has its place but the web of fate isn't one of them. The Blackfire taught us that."

You hear the sound of someone cackling!

Rzin searches around for a moment.

Agalea grins, revealing her dimples.

Aaoskar says, "Elementalism may prove to be a great key for reasons that are difficult to go into today."

Rzin grins.

Rifkinn says to Djordje, "Yeah, kinda goes hand in hand with your stupidity."

Rifkinn pats Djordje on the back.

Aaoskar says, "You might offer a unique way of poking holes in the universe, Agalea."

Rzin begins chortling at Rifkinn.

Agalea asks, "Oh?"

Aaoskar says, "Perhaps."

Agalea says, "Happy to help."

Rifkinn frowns at Aaoskar.

Lenaea says, "There might be no need for holes, because in some places, sometimes, planes overlap."

Aaoskar says, "Gate to crossing moon mage guild."

Woten asks, "Isn't this the kind of thinking that got us that planar rift to the crystal entites awhile back?"

Lenaea gestures.

A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

You peer through the Moongate...
[Middens, Crossbow Bend]
Before you stands the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow. It is a three-story edifice, its sixteen-sided walls capped with a crystal dome. The top floor is also the nerve center of the Moon Mages' Guild, a most powerful and revered arcane circle throughout Elanthia. All in all a rather quirky structure, it manages to inspire awe and curiosity at the same time. A carved ivory door leads inside.
You also see a pile of rocks, a bright yellow plaid cloth with several things on it, a dilapidated tea cart with a couple of things on it, an ornate silver gateway and an ivory urn.
Also here: Doryu who is darkened by an unnatural shadow.

Woten says, "Now granted that ended up having to do with whatever the Traders are now, but still."

Aaoskar says, "I lose track of which planar rift did what."

Woten laughs!

Lenaea babbles something incoherent at Aaoskar.

Rzin blinks.

Woten says, "First clear think I've heard all night."

Rifkinn says to Woten, "The mentality is quite the same. children playing with fire."

Lenaea says, "And to clarify, we're not going to break anything or poke holes in anything."

Rzin nods at Rifkinn, obviously agreeing with his views.

Lenaea says, "We're using magic that we use on a daily basis."

Aaoskar says, "Gate to crossing moon mage guild."

Lenaea says, "That is in use RIGHT NOW."

Lenaea points at a blue Moongate.

Middler says, "I'd like to re-emphasize Greydok's earlier point. We're being quite self-seeking to ignore the general populace who i'm sure would prefer not to be caught unawares should chaos ensure just beyond the city wall. The least that can be done is a note or conversation with Leth Deriel officials. Maybe we think on a proper procedure. No doubt locals are lingering nearby as we speak. Rumors could be worse than what we actually do when the times omes."

Lenaea says, "Just to a larger exgtent."

Taevish smirks at Lenaea.

A blue Moongate collapses in on itself.

Rzin asks, "What could go wrong when fingers start waggling?"

Lenaea says, "Again, we are outside the city walls, and the elves are quite adept at defending themselves, and have been for centuries."

Taevish animatedly asks, "But the larger extent is often the cause of issues, is it not?"

Woten nods at Lenaea, obviously agreeing with her views.

Aaoskar says, "Very true Middler. we definitely want everyone's ideas on how to protect people. but part of protection is providing people with knowledge that they can use to protect others."

Aaoskar says, "It is extraordinarily difficult to balance."

Agalea says, "I would think of it like this..."

Agalea says, "Out of all my Mothers daughters, I love Me the most. So I will ensure my own safety. So should everyone else."

Agalea says to Aaoskar, "And just let me know what you need."

Agalea rubs her thumb ring.

She is suddenly engulfed in a dark veil of shadows and vanishes!

Aaoskar says, "Well, let us adjourn and contemplate on these matters."

Lenaea says, "Thanks to all who came to listen."

Woten asks, "Maybe asking a dumb question here, but we aren't going to be running the risk of letting Tezirah back out are we?"

Lenaea says, "Unlikely."

Aaoskar says, "I dont think Tezirah is still around."

Lenaea says, "It's a possibility, because we don't know her exact whereabouts."

Woten says, "That would have been interesting if nothing else."

Aaoskar says, "Some speculate that the tezirah we saw was a simulacrum."

Woten squints.

Woten nods.

Rzin grins at Woten.

Aaoskar says, "It means that perhaps the plane of probability destroyed her and what we saw was but a copy."

Woten asks, "You have a date for this experiment?"

Lenaea says, "A few weeks after Rafano's experimentt."

Woten nods.

Lenaea says, "That should prove informative, as well."

Aaoskar says, "Which i hope everyone attends."

Aaoskar says, "It is a very clever idea of Rafano's that may wield great insight into the Arbiter."

Aaoskar gestures.

A swirling vortex of shadows draws itself from the ground and coalesces into a black Moongate, which yawns open like a hungry maw.

Woten says, "Well, until then, thanks for the interesting discussion."

Woten raises his hand in a quick salute.

Lenaea smiles.

Aaoskar shakes Woten's hand.

Lenaea curtsies to Woten.

Lenaea asks, "Anyone need transport elsewhere?"

Sunyun asks, "When is Rafano's experiment?"

Lenaea ponders.

You hear a voice ask, "Has the moon mage guild been made aware of this experiment?"

Lenaea says, "I believe in a month or so."

Lenaea says, "Yes, Koreberg, they have."

Lenaea says, "Each of the guildleaders."

Lenaea says, "In person."

Lenaea says, "By me."

Sunyun nods to Aaoskar.

You hear a voice say, "I can't see them being pleased."

Lenaea says, "They didn't say either way."

You hear a voice say, "Well thats no fun."

Aaoskar says, "The guildleaders have been quiet. and Lenaea went and spoke to each one."

Lenaea says, "Each guildleader was invited to attend any discussion we have, including this one, and the last one."

You hear a voice say, "I'm sure Kssarh is still shuffling papers at his desk."

Lenaea says, "Kssarh is..... Kssarh."

Rzin grins.

Lenaea says, "Alright let's break up this party, people have things to do I'm sure."

Aaoskar says, "Gate to crossing moon mage guild."

Sunyun says, "Many thanks. You can count on my help."

Lenaea beams at Sunyun!

Koreberg reveals himself.

Lenaea praises Sunyun.

Aaoskar shakes Sunyun's hand.

Sunyun bows to Lenaea.

Sunyun bows to Aaoskar.

Digmo waves.

Aaoskar waves.

Digmo grins.

Burden to Society Digmo moseys south.

Lenaea gestures.

A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.

You peer through the Moongate...
[Middens, Crossbow Bend]
Before you stands the Observatory of the Southern Crossbow. It is a three-story edifice, its sixteen-sided walls capped with a crystal dome. The top floor is also the nerve center of the Moon Mages' Guild, a most powerful and revered arcane circle throughout Elanthia. All in all a rather quirky structure, it manages to inspire awe and curiosity at the same time. A carved ivory door leads inside.
You also see a sullen Shadow Servant, a bright yellow plaid cloth with several things on it, a dilapidated tea cart with a couple of things on it, an ornate silver gateway and an ivory urn.
Also here: Gambler Maizze.
Obvious paths: west.

Sunyun says, "Safe paths all."

Lenaea says, "And if anyone wants proof that two moongates can be open to the same place..."

Lenaea says, "Gaze there."

Lenaea peers through the Moongate.

Lenaea says, "This one's blue."

Lenaea says, "The one you see in there? Black."