War at Sea

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War at Sea
Event Feast of Eluned 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[War at Sea]
This boat is rather large for a dinghy, but it is still cramped with the merchandise scattered about. The white paint along the sides is peeling badly, and a coil of rotted rope sits in one corner. Pervading the air is a faint scent of old fish. You also see a splintery plank, a wooden pirate with some stuff on it, an oaken sea chest with some stuff on it, and a red and white life preserver with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: none.

On the wooden pirate
Item Price Done
dulled steel vambraces 6,750   No
dulled steel shynbalds 6,750   No
comb morion helm 18,750   No
dark spiked gauntlets 7,500   !!
blackened steel cuirass 97,500   No
On the sea chest
Item Price Done
teak-handled boarding axe 66,250   !!!!
finely balanced cutlass etched with a skull and crossbones 20,000   !!!!
wickedly barbed harpoon 11,250   No
On the life preserver
Item Price Done
copper-headed cudgel 5,000   No
shark-embossed cudgel 5,000   No
oyster-shucking knife 4,000   No