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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Jolas (Ranik Map 106)
Type: ship captain

Captain of the Jolas.


From dusty black boots to the top of his shiny bald head, Captain Tevel is a cheerful looking human with a ready smile of crooked white teeth. He is a pot-bellied specimen, with red cheeks and nose that match his stained jacket, sparkling blue eyes and a fluffy fringe of wispy white hair. A single band of gold encircles a finger on his pudgy left hand, and every so often he twists and tugs on the ring, but doesn't (or can't) remove it.

Is accompanied by a pet celpeze:

  • The celpeze's hide is splotched with age and when it flicks its tongue, you see it is toothless. Despite that, the claws yet look sharp and it hasn't lost its baleful stare.