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Race Gor'Tog
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Platinum


You see Struther, a Gor’Tog.

He has an oval face, sparkling blue-grey eyes, a straight nose and a cleft chin. You see a smattering of tiny spikes across the scalp that appear almost hair-like, green-grey skin and a lean build.


At an early age Struther would sneak out of his house and seek entertainment with his friends. The mischief they caused was like any other a group of kids their age might cause without any real malleolus intent. The more they hung out the closer they grew. The more they saved each other from the arm of the Wardens, the closer they grew. Eventually they felt they were closer than brothers even though the group was a wide mixture of races. They were always there for one another.

Eventually they all got older and started different professions. His closest friend, Babaluaye, and he felt the pull towards helping others. Both joined the Empath guild on the same day and were quick learners. There was an attack at the city gates on the when they both learned to heal their external wounds. They ran to the gates to help defend. Who could stop them? If on the unlikely chance they got hurt they’d just heal themselves. Arriving at the gates brought reality home. They set about trying to heal what was needed but could only heal enough to keep people barely alive, until the more experienced empaths could take over. Finally, they both had to take a break to heal themselves. The agony of knowing they couldn’t help any more because they both lacked the skill was horrifying to the two. Seeing Babaluaye’s parents carried through the gates was more than horrifying. Both ran and started to establish links to start healing even though their bodies couldn’t stand any more. Struther vaguely heard “Nissasomethingorother” behind them and Babaluaye collapsed. He followed suit moments afterwards.

The battle ended shortly after they both woke up, but the start of their problems as friends was just beginning. Struther was horrified by his lack of experience and vowed to heal, including other Empaths, when ever he could. Babaluaye took a different route.

One by one his friends started to disappear.

He was excited. He was on his way to learn the spell that give him the ability to periodically heal his body so he could focus on other things when he saw Babaluaye going around the corner. He hurried to the corner just in time to catch sight of his friend ducking into a pub. He didn’t just hurry after that. He ran. Upon entering he found Babaluaye talking with another person who was hiding within a ragged hooded cowl. Upon seeing him Babaluaye’s eye lit with an inner fire. He greeted him like the brother he was. As Babaluaye and he talked their conversation became more and more disturbing. Babaluaye talked about how Empath’s and Necromancer’s should work together, how they were just different sides of the same coin, how if they combined they’d be able to end all suffering, end death, and eventually even bring the departed back to eternal life. It was then that he noticed a gathering around them. Many of his missing friends had quietly surrounded him. Many had tears in their eyes. Babaluaye gave him a choice. Work with them willingly or unwillingly like the rest. He ran. Fortunately, his size saved him. Unfortunately, when he burst through the door, he crushed one of his old friends, and received his very first empathic shock. He also landed at the feet of the warden whose beard he’d accidentally set on fire during his youth, which resulted in his very first arrest.

When he finally got out of jail and back to the guild he was ready to receive his magical training. He changed his mind and chose to receive training in the ability to call a guardian to fight beside him even though he wasn’t strong enough in magic to cast the spell. He knew he had to stop his friend at all costs, including the cost of his empathy. He found constructs he could train against, then undead, then was able to finally call his guardian. He still heals when ever he can, but no longer sits in one spot and waits for others to find him. If he sees a wound. He heals it. If no wounds are available he searches for challenges to make him stronger. When not fighting, he creates objects of iron, wood, stone, leather, and roots so he can keep his body busy on repetitive tasks which allows his mind to work through his progress and the problem of stopping his misguided friend.