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Fortress of Ice 3.0
Ability difficulty is advanced  +
Ability effect is Creates a private room.  +
Ability skill is utility  +
Casting cap is 100  +
Cyclic spell false  +
Guild association is Warrior Mage +
Magic type is Elemental Magic  +
Maximum duration is 60  +
Maximum skill is 1,000  +
Messaging is You gesture.<br /> Four pillars of s
You gesture.<br /> Four pillars of silvery-blue light form at the cardinal points around you, filling the air with the lethal cold of deep winter. They begin spinning, casting off a glowing blue mist that quickly forms into solid walls.<br /> You quickly realize that you are enclosed within the walls, separated from the rest of the area.<br /> You are now within the Fortress!<br /> '''CAST ROOF:'''<br /> You gesture.<br /> The top edges of the icy walls glow with a soft blue light as jagged shards of ice project outward toward the center of the opening. The spikes cross each other violently and build on one another until the entire opening is obscured. '''FOCUS:'''<br /> You focus your magical senses on an Ice Fortress. <br /> The Ice Fortress has a definite magical pattern, which apparently holds the magically enhanced ice into its shape. <br /> You recognize the pattern as a manifestation of Elemental magic.<br /> It seems to involve Water Manipulation.<br /> The pattern appears to be the result of the Fortress of Ice spell.<br /> The Ice Fortress seems unoccupied. ''or'' You sense of the presence of ''<person>''<br /> Roundtime: 25 sec.
erson>''<br /> Roundtime: 25 sec.  +
Minimum duration is 30  +
Minimum prep is 30  +
Minimum skill is 250  +
Page type is spell  +
Pretty name is Fortress of Ice  +
Scroll-only spell false  +
Signature spell true  +
Slot cost is 3  +
Spell abbreviation is foi  +
Spell cast type is standard  +
Spell source is guildleader  +
Spellbook is Water Manipulation  +
Targeted magic spell false  +
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Fortress of Ice +
Categories Standard spells , Utility abilities , Spells , Warrior Mage spells , Guild Leader spells , Water Manipulation spellbook , Signature spells , Advanced abilities
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23 September 2018 22:12:14  +
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Title:Elemental Aegis + , Title:Elemental Aegis + Requires spell
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