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Sestiva Hunka
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Type: alterer, merchant

Chef and owner of Hunka's Burning Love.


You see Sestiva Hunka, a Halfling.
Sestiva has a round face, sparkling amber eyes and a straight nose. Her black hair is short and curly. She has copper skin and a plump figure.
She is tall for a Halfling.
She appears to be young.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a red and black plaid flannel shirt, some sturdy canvas overalls feather-stitched with vermilion flames, some sturdy black leather boots with thick soles and a worn oilcloth workbag fastened with a miniature silversteel skillet.


Sestiva says, "I practice the art of business practices.. so you would want to buy one of my wares at the shop."
Sestiva says, "I will however be happy to customize the cookware to your exacting taste."
Sestiva says, "And yes, I can upgrade your cookware to make a unique recipe of your taste, or use a food that you already have."


Visit to Fang Cove on 02/27/2021:

Sestiva says, "Okay, so if there are those not familiar with me, my family business has to do with stoves and cookware."

Sestiva exclaims, "We also have a leaning towards food and cooking!"

Sestiva says, "The nice folks on the Estate Holder council invited me to work for five clients here."

Sestiva says, "So for those unfamiliar with my family's shop, Hunka Burning Love, we sell stoves and cookware."

Sestiva says, "With the cookware you can put your raw food and wave it at a heat source like a fire or stove."

Sestiva says, "And it cooks it for you."

Sestiva says, "There are also magical cookware of that type that'll make it so the cookware always can create a single type of food."

Sestiva says, "Anytime you wave it at a heat source."

Sestiva exclaims, "It needs rest time, but otherwise, you'll never go hungry!"

Sestiva says, "I don't work on food wands, I leave that for Chef Soovie."

Sestiva says, "So if you just want to change previously purchased cookware or stoves, my price is 50 plat."

Sestiva says, "It's 350 plat for me to upgrade cookware into magical cookware and put an existing food that you can give me into it."

Sestiva says, "It's 600 plat for me to upgrade cookware into magical cookware and put a custom food."

Sestiva exclaims, "Okay, I think that makes sense sort of!"

Sestiva asks, "Any questions?"