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Basic Properties
Type: Subtype: Rarity:
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Symbols: Innate Qualities:
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Additional Alteration Rules:
Brief Summary of Alteration Rules:
Alteration Exemption:
Only check if crafting material rarity is rare or higher, but the material isn't needed for alterations.

Crafting Properties
Can be used in crafting:
Can be used in alchemy:
Hardness: Durability:
Workability: Electrical:
Thermal: Physical:
Ductility: Capacity:
Potency Efficacy:
Solubility: Toxicity:
Stiffness S.Bow Affinity:
L.Bow Affinity C.Bow Affinity
Density Single Volume Value

Natural Sources of Material (if any)
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Formula to Create Material (if any)

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