Rakash Moot 439

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This event was held on 36 Moliko the Balance, of 439 AV (October 12, 2021). For other event dates, see the Rakash Moots page.


"The smell of baking apples wafts through the air, and an enthusiastic group of villagers passes by, drawn in its direction. “Apples everywhere!”, an excited young boy says from the group, tugging his mother along faster. The mother looks at you with a weary smile. “You’d best get to the Moot before he eats everything,” she laughs before she is pulled out of sight."


[Rugglestone Close, Gazebo on the Common]
The soft pine floorboards of the gazebo have been polished to a warm, golden glow by the footsteps of dancers who gather here during the evening. In one corner, a semicircle of music stands holds sheet music for a lively medley of songs to be played by musicians while laughing couples perform the steps of a traditional country dance.


a hand-stitched canvas satchel adorned with a variety of apples

Though the seams are not exact, the sturdiness of the satchel is undeniable. Worn from years of apple collecting, the material is softer than ever and has faded to a light beige, sporting a few snags here and there that only add to its charm. Embroidered lovingly across it are apples in all various colors and state of consumption. A little worm can be spotted hidden amongst them, a grin stitched comically on its face.

Dance Contest Prizes

Congratulations to the winners, Melindrha and Tekhelet!

a classy pair of matte black dancing shoes clasped with a small pearl

  • Raised by a short black heel, the simple shoes are designed for even the most complex of dances. A silver buckle holds the pearl and secures the strap at the ankle. Otherwise unadorned, the soles of the tasteful footware are reinforced to provide extra comfort.

a pair of dashing black leather dress shoes embossed with the image of a wolf

  • Laced neatly up the front with thin black rawhide, the shoes are supple yet sturdy and perfect for dancing the night away. The silver howling wolf poised on the back of each heel catches the light as the wearer moves, but the shoes remain otherwise unadorned.

Catering by the Ever Wonderful Allye

In the apple crate you see an apple strudel cupcake, an apple streusel cupcake, a dish of baked autumn vegetables, a hunk of apple hearthbread, some prereni fillet, a slice of red apple, a mug of harvest mead, a snifter of Arthe Dale applejack and a mug of apple cider.

Log of Event

As usual, this is from the host's POV, cleaned up to include most acts that add to the atmosphere without taking away from the performances. Please enjoy!

Apple Harvest Moot