Pyff's Perch (2)

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Pyff's Perch
Event Web Festival
Owner Pyff
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Pyff's Tent, Pyff's Perch]
Lantern-light illumines the inside of the sun-yellow tent, and the roof is high enough for even the tallest visitors. The tables and display areas are all at Halfling height however, and one table at the back is littered with bits of ribbon and flower scraps. A back flap leads into a quieter work area, and a curtain leads to a side alcove. You also see an open entry flap, a draped table with some stuff on it, a hat tree with some stuff on it and a reed basket.
Obvious exits: none.

On the draped table
Item Price Done
circlet of pink clover and sweet woodruff 1,250   No
circlet of hyssop and verbena 1,250   No
circlet of tiny bronze wrens interlocked with thin copper strands 3,750   No
A squiggly note reads:Other flower circlets may be available, custom-made, or when I get around to it. Examine closely before you buy, to be sure you select the item you wish. ~Pyff
On the hat tree
Item Price Done
straw hat with long white ribbons 8,750   No
straw hat decorated with glaysker and wysteria flowers 8,750   No
plain straw hat 7,500   No
A handwritten note reads:The plain hat may be decorated when Pyff is available, in the mood, and for a price.
In the reed basket
Item Price Done
silver-handled footbrush 2,500   No

[Pyff's Tent, Side Alcove]
The ground is covered with a large white bear skin, and a carved wooden stool in the form of a snow bear is nestled in one corner. More soft pelts are folded next to the tent wall. You also see a weapon rack with a curved Aldauth scythe-blade on it, a Warning Sign, a locked chest with a wooden sparring sword on it, a velvet-lined stand and an enameled box.
Obvious exits: out.


          Sparring swords are dangerous,
        and could possibly injure or KILL!
    Fines and arrests may result regardless of
circumstances. The Law does not care *why* you kill
         and will make YOU pay the price. 

On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
curved Aldauth scythe-blade 162,500   
In the enameled box
Item Price Done
milky glass unicorn suspended from a fragile chain 2,000   !!
gold ox-yoke charm 2,000   No
coal black raven charm 2,000   
epidote panther charm 1,250   
tiny nightingale charm 1,625   !!
wild boar charm 1,250   !!
small conch shell 1,250   
albatross feather 1,250   
gold cobra charm 2,000   !!
carved wooden wren hanging from a soft leather cord 1,250   !!
lion's tooth 1,250   !!
glass scorpion charm suspended from a spidersilk cord 2,000   !!
ivory cat charm 1,250   No
On the locked chest
Item Price Done
wooden sparring sword ?