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Description: This page is used for holding the requirements for a title so that lists can be generated dynamically..... in theory.
Type: string

There are currently 5060 items in this property, 1129 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Zealot +At least 440 in Attunement skill  +, At least 525 in Targeted Magic skill  +, At least 380 in highest weapon skill  +,
Zeng Getha +Must know all spells from the Electricity Manipulation spellbook  +
Zeveu av Lehozaetaen +Custom title bestowed by Zipsy during Hollow Eve Festival 436.  +
Zill Breaker +SimuCon 2018 Indiegogo title  +
Zirdzin del Ticiva +Must be a Rakash  +, Additional unknown requirements  +
Zombie Slayer +At least 50 in Targeted Magic skill  +, Must know the Harm Evil spell  +
Zukir's Assistant +Title available at the Return to the Keep’s Supply Wagon.  +
Zukir's Gofer +Title available at the Return to the Keep’s Supply Wagon.  +
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