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Description: Contains a string representing the technique which makes the creation of the recipe easier.
Type: string

There are currently 982 items in this property, 25 of which are incomplete, and 80 of which are outdated.

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Quarterstaff (metal) +Simple Martial Weapon Design  +
Quarterstaff (wood) +Martial Wood Shaping  +
Quilted gloves (crafted) +Accessory Cloth Armor Design  +
Quilted hauberk (crafted) +Complete Cloth Armor Design  +
Quilted mask (crafted) +Accessory Cloth Armor Design  +
Quilted shirt (crafted) +Complete Cloth Armor Design  +
Quilted sleeves (crafted) +Extremity Cloth Armor Design  +
Quilted tabard (crafted) +Torso Cloth Armor Design  +


Radiant trinket (crafted) +Basic Artificing Principles  +
Ranseur (crafted) +Expert Polearm Weapon Design  +
Rapier (crafted) +Basic Bladed Weapon Design  +
Recade (crafted) +Advanced Bladed Weapon Design  +
Rectangular yardstick (crafted) +Basic Outfitting Design  +
Recurve arbalest (crafted) +Arbalest Crafting  +
Recurve bow (crafted) +Composite Bow Shaping  +
Recurve crossbow (crafted) +Advanced Powerful Crossbows  +
Recurve longbow (crafted) +Advanced Heavy Bowcraft  +
Reflex bow (crafted) +Advanced Heavy Bowcraft  +
Reflex longbow (crafted) +Advanced Heavy Bowcraft  +
Refreshment elixir (crafted) +Wound Remedy Basics  +
Reinforced arbalest (crafted) +Arbalest Crafting  +
Ribbed aventail (crafted) +Accessory Bone Armor Design  +
Ribbed cap (crafted) +Extremity Bone Armor Design  +
Ribbed gloves (crafted) +Accessory Bone Armor Design  +
Ribbed mask (crafted) +Accessory Bone Armor Design  +
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