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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 10687 items in this property, 746 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Vanity case +2  +
Vardite-embellished tawny leather bag shaped to resemble a desert armadillo +3  +
Varicolored silk belt interspersed with tiny naga charms +1  +
Variegated leather alchemist's kit graced by coiled viper +6  +
Varnished bamboo cigarillo case +2  +
Varnished elm origami case +1  +
Velakan linen tunic batiked with a whimsical yeehar +1  +
Velakan linen uaro's'sugi streaked with all the hues of a desert nightfall +1  +
Velvet sack with the painted silhouette of a bat against a sapphire moon +2  +
Velvet talisman pouch with a platinum owl clasp +2  +
Velvet wand belt edged with silver tracery +2  +
Velvet-lined bright green sack embroidered with a rearing unicorn +3  +
Velvet-lined crimson sack embroidered with a fiery phoenix +3  +
Velvet-lined dark onyx sack embroidered with a striking cobra +3  +
Velvet-lined grey sack embroidered with a wavering death spirit +3  +
Velvet-lined indigo sack embroidered with a leaping dolphin +3  +
Velvet-lined spidersilk pouch +3  +
Velvet-lined teak case +1  +
Velvet-lined woodwind pouch decorated with fluttering ribbons +2  +
Velvet-wrapped claymore sheath embossed with a musical stanza +1  +
Velvety dergatine cassock draped with a thin silversteel mesh +3  +
Velvety dergatine greatcloak in marbled shades of twilight +3  +
Velvety jadeleaf tunic belted with a plait of silver vines +1  +
Velvety soft fur breeches +1  +
Ventilated togball case +5  +
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