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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 10687 items in this property, 746 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Sable cotton shirt embroidered with colorful dragons +1  +
Sable leather thigh quiver painted with a flirtatious gypsy +2  +
Sable linen slacks with wide cuffs +1  +
Sable steelsilk kimono embroidered with a white stork in flight +2  +
Sable traveler's pack with an intricate silver clasp +5  +
Sable velvet alchemy bag embroidered with starry white hemlock blossoms +3  +
Sable-colored wool cloak embroidered with a large red dragon +3  +
Sack (belt) +3  +
Sack (shoulder) +6  +
Sack streaked with ale and wine stains +3  +
Sackcloth pack stitched with intricate designs +5  +
Safecracker's thigh bag +6  +
Saffron and black plaid wool kilt with square buckles +1  +
Saffron baudekin courtepy with long sleeves +3  +
Saffron camlet cloak embroidered with a large green dragon +3  +
Saffron oilcloth tote with forest green and black straps +5  +
Saffron wool longcoat with a fur collar +3  +
Saffron-hued velvet robe side-cinched with thin birch buckles +2  +
Sage green brocade courtepy with long sleeves +3  +
Sage green canvas raincoat with wooden buttons +3  +
Sage green watersilk garter trimmed with delicate white lace +3  +
Sage-green fletching pouch banded in braided plumegrass +3  +
Sage-green suede hooded longcoat clasped with large golden buttons +3  +
Sailcloth arm pouch shaped like an inside-out frog +2  +
Sailcloth belt pouch shaped like an inside-out shark +2  +
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