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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 9876 items in this property, 645 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Macawood repair case accented with a trio of cerulean saedesh +3  +
Macrame spidersilk satchel +3  +
Maelshyvean iconoclast's robe of purple-speckled deep blue velvet +2  +
Magenta brocade cloak lined with pure white silk +3  +
Maggot-white shirt embroidered with "World's Best Zombie" +1  +
Magnificent diamond-hide star awash in shimmering celestial hues +5  +
Magnificent dragonfire brocade cloak secured with a merlot ruby brooch +3  +
Magnifying glass-shaped candy bag +3  +
Mahogany artist's case with a carved scrollwork border +1  +
Mahogany brown belted leather baldric accented with a fire-gilded lion's head buckle +2  +
Mahogany lockpick case embossed with a jade-eyed panther +3  +
Mahogany merchant's case decorated with gold leaf and gemstones +3  +
Mahogany pipe with an ivory bowl carved in the shape of a brigantine +1  +
Mahogany prayer tome with blackened claw marks +1  +
Makeshift Wayerd pyramid made from scrounged glass and metal +6  +
Makeshift forage sack created from a bit of rope and canvas +3  +
Makeshift gingham tablecloth bib almost artistically splattered with berry stains +3  +
Makeshift leather weapon harness draped with cured rat tails +1  +
Makeshift linen belt crafted from a length of bedsheet +3  +
Makeshift repair case fashioned from a small keg +3  +
Makeshift weapon harness formed from intricately knotted ropes +1  +
Malachite and ivory jar carved to resemble a water lily +1  +
Malevolent black teapot crouched upon bristly spectrolite spider legs +3  +
Mammoth leather fighting pants pierced with fossilized ivory studs +1  +
Mammoth-hide ashcloak flanked with enormous draconic rhodochrosite pauldrons +3  +
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