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Description: A property to declare the text value of a weapon's Force of Impact.
Type: string
Allows Value: not, terribly, dismally, poorly, inadequately, fairly, decently, reasonably, soundly, well, very well, extremely well, excellently, superbly, incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, perfectly

There are currently 5100 items in this property, 832 of which are incomplete, and 160 of which are outdated.

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Halberd +inadequately  +
Halberd with a teak-flecked spiritwood haft and stylized vulture claw etchings +poorly  +
Haledroth boko +dismally  +
Haledroth katana with a white jade tsuka +fairly  +
Haledroth-tipped finivire pike staff +decently  +
Half-handed riste with jagged steel blades +decently  +, dismally  +, reasonably  +
Half-handled riste with circular glaes blades +soundly  +, poorly  +, very well  +
Halfling's steel-shod kneecapper +reasonably  +
Hammer +inadequately  +
Hand axe +poorly  +
Hand axe with a platinum-banded ebony handle +poorly  +
Hand axe with a platinum-banded ebony handle (2) +poorly  +
Hand axe with an iron-banded handle +poorly  +
Hand mallet with a leather wrapped mistwood handle +dismally  +
Hand-crafted Kaldar carving knife etched with the symbol of the Warrior Mage Guild +terribly  +
Hand-tooled slate ulu with a curved ivory grip +dismally  +
Handaxe +poorly  +
Hanger +dismally  +
Haon arbalest with a series of small notches cut into the stock +extremely well  +
Haon staff sling with woolen whipcords +well  +
Haon-hafted hunting spear adorned with parrot feathers +poorly  +
Haralun flanged mace with a luminous blackened moonsilver-wrapped haft +soundly  +
Haralun throwing hammer with a meticulously shaped zingana haft +very well  +
Haralun war sword with a silversteel-filigreed hilt +poorly  +
Harci knife +terribly  +
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