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Description: A value for use with all combat equipment.
Type: String
Allows Value: extremely weak, very delicate, quite fragile, rather flimsy, particularly weak, somewhat unsound, appreciably susceptible, marginally vulnerable, average construction, a bit safeguarded, rather reinforced, quite guarded, highly protected, very strong, extremely resistant, unusually resilient, nearly impervious, practically invulnerable

There are currently 12291 items in this property, 2329 of which are incomplete, and 4705 of which are outdated.

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Mace +marginally vulnerable  +
Mace (1) +marginally vulnerable  +
Mace (2) +average construction  +
Mace studded with shark's teeth +extremely resistant  +
Mace with a heavy spike on one side +extremely resistant  +
Magma-red wand capped with a fist-sized steel anvil +rather reinforced  +, highly protected  +, extremely resistant  +
Magnificent purple heart and osage Elothean battle bow fitted with an onyx arrow plate +appreciably susceptible  +
Mahogany arbalest with steel fittings +rather reinforced  +
Mahogany long staff with a large crystal sphere secured to its tip +appreciably susceptible  +
Mahogany parry stick +marginally vulnerable  +
Mahogany staff sling with spidersilk whipcords +appreciably susceptible  +
Mahogany-hafted spear with a large broad-tipped head +highly protected  +
Mahogany-handled Grey Raven guard's knife (1) +extremely resistant  +
Mahogany-handled Grey Raven guard's knife (2) +highly protected  +
Mahogany-handled carving knife with a curved golden blade +rather reinforced  +
Mail armor formed of rich purple links +average construction  +
Mail balaclava of agonite decorated with a filigreed silversteel overlay +extremely resistant  +
Mail gauntlets edged in silver-gilt links (1) +marginally vulnerable  +
Mail gauntlets edged in silver-gilt links (2) +rather reinforced  +
Mail gauntlets painted to resemble rotting flesh +marginally vulnerable  +
Mail gloves +marginally vulnerable  +
Mail gloves with black decorations +highly protected  +
Mail hauberk +average construction  +
Mail hauberk covered with a ragged camouflage tabard bearing red insignia +quite guarded  +
Mail jerkin +average construction  +
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