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Re: The Hunt Begins... · on 1/21/2010 10:14:17 PM 12316
Ok, I'll try to keep this simple. This is the second log of what I think will ultimately be four. From today, anyway. After the messenger came Khras was kind enough to locate Oane for us and gate us near his location in Hib. We had a brief encounter with Darius prior to finding Oane. Darius gave us some hints about finding the secret passage. Much walking in circles ensued. This is a bit of the gweth conversation while we tried to find Oane:

[Oane] "Go away."
[Glemm] "We are just passing through."
[Oane] "Watching. Searching. Everyone watching, searching. But for what, I wonder? Do you know? Do I know? Do they?"
[Glemm] "I'm searching for a nice wall shield if you happen to know anyone who's getting rid of one."
[Oane] "Search somewhere else. Maybe you find it. No answers here. No shields here. Just dust and decay. And the howling. Always the howling. Perhaps you should search for the hounds?"
[Glemm] "If you tell me more about the hounds, I'll be sure to search for them and be more happy to leave you alone."
[Oane] "Do you feel it? They are watching, waiting."
[Oane] "Have you found what you seek yet? Or have you found more questions? Always more questions, never any answers. Or are there? Answers are dangerous. They lie in shadow, cloaked in madness. Perhaps you should go away before you find any."
[Glemm] "We will search as our guild as requested. We do as we are told. We need that guidance, much like you do."
[Oane] "Good little soldiers. Always obey orders, never ask questions. No wonder the hound howls at night. No wonder."
[Glemm] "Obeying orders is how our organization keeps order itself. We trust in our leaders. "
[Oane] "Never question. Yes, that is wise. Very wise. Don't ask the questions, don't find the answers. I wish I could do that, not ask questions. But it is too late. Beren knew. He knew. And he disappeared too. Will I disappear? Probably, yes. I think I will."
[Glemm] "What do you know of Beren?"
[Oane] "He asked questions too. The wrong ones. Or the right ones, perhaps. It depends, you see, on who you ask."
[Oane] "I told you. He asked the wrong questions. That is what I know. He asked, and they sent him away. Where is he? I don't know. Dead, perhaps? In a dungeon? Hiding, as I am? Mad? Yes, I think he must be mad. If not dead."
[Glemm] "Oane, we can help you. Lead us to you. We can get you out of this foul place... why anyone would want to explore here, I have no idea."
[Oane] "Why do you think the dwarves hid her? Why? Why did the Council order me not to examine this place, and order Darius to seal the coffin? Questions, always questions. You are lost, aren't you? Yes, we all are. Lost. Perhaps I will help you. Perhaps."
[Glemm] "Only by helping one another can we be found, Oane. We can help you. Let us."
[Oane] "Try the west. Touch nothing."
[Oane] "Still lost, are we? Let me think. Yes, let me think."
[Oane] "What do you see?"
[Oane] "Do not move. Let me think. If the silence...yes...think..."
[Oane] "Southeast, I think. Just once..."
[Oane] "You are paladins, are you not?"
[Glemm] "We are, and you can figure that we definitely are not scholars, like you. We have a moon mage with us as well."
[Oane] "Your word of honor, then, that if I guide you, you will not seek to cause me harm in any way until I have a chance to speak? Darius with you?"
[Khras] "They will not harm you Oane, I can offer my word."
[Oane] "That leaves a lot of room, it does. You will not try to remove me until I may speak."
[Glemm] "He is not with us, no. We are here on his orders but we will not harm you if you do not give us reason to. Thank yo ufor the offer."
[Oane] "The hounds would not like that, I think. They might bite."
[Glemm] "We shall wait for you, sir."

Then, a rather long conversation with Oane. I tried to edit out most of the extraneous crap, it's still very long.

Guild Researcher Oane just arrived.

>You see Guild Researcher Oane Hannitraulm, a Human Paladin.

Oane has black eyes. He is bald, with pale skin.

He is wizened for a Human.

He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.

He is in good shape.

Two brilliantly shining spheres flank Oane at shoulder level.

He is wearing a simple steel shield emblazoned with two twining olive laurels, a horned great helm lined with soft sheepskin, some silvered gauntlets lined with soft sheepskin, an ink-stained leather scholar's satchel, some brass-riveted jousting plate, a blue linen tabard dyed with the bright green emblem of the lion of Chadatru, a pair of burgundy leather boots lined in soft black wool, a black linen bag and a jadeite gwethdesuan.

>Iulianus points at Oane.

>Penderrin bows to Oane.

>Glemm nods to Oane.

>glance oaYou glance at Oane, a male Human.

>Oane frowns.

>Oane says, "Lost, yes."

>Oane giggles.

>You ask, "You are Oane?"

>Oane says, "This place is like that, it is."

>Glemm says, "Seems that way, sir."

>Oane asks, "Why?"

>Oane says, "Am I? I must be."

>Oane gets a thoughtful expression on his face.

>Glemm says, "Seemsta tell a story."

>Oane says, "Yes, I am."

>Glemm asks, "About this dwarven woman. Do you know about her?"

>Iulianus says, "Darius requests your immediate presence."

>Glemm nods to Iulianus.

>Glemm says, "Please let him speak."

>You say, "But first, we'll hear you out."

>Glemm nods to Iulianus.

>Oane says, "Darius works for them. He cannot be trusted. He is a good soldier, he is."

>You nod to Oane.

>Iulianus nods.

>Oane casually observes the area.

>Oane asks, "He's not here, is he?"

>Glemm says, "No."

>Oane frets.

>Penderrin says, "No."

>You shake your head at Oane.

>You say, "He is not."

>Glemm says, "We come of our own accord. He is above."

>Khras whispers to your group, "Should I seers him?"

>Oane says, "Good. I do not think I would like to meet him."

>Glemm whispers to your group, "Dunt think it's necessary right now."

>Khras whispers to your group, "Roger."

>Glemm asks, "We cannot guarantee that as of yet, sir. However, may we join you?"

>Oane says, "Yes, yes, of course."

>Glemm stops you from following him.

>Glemm joins Oane's group.

>Penderrin joins Oane's group.

>Oane says, "This is a dangerous place, I think."

>Khras joins Oane's group.

>You join Oane's group.

>Iulianus joins Oane's group.

>Glemm moves into position to block attacks against Oane!

>Oane says, "One could go mad in these halls. Quite mad."

>Glemm nods to Oane.

>Oane cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

>Glemm shifts his weight.

>Glemm scratches his head.

>You ask, "I can imagine. Will you tell us about them? The images?"

>>Glemm says, "This dwarven woman."

>You ask, "Who is the Dwarven woman?"

>Glemm nods.

>Oane says, "The images? Or the dreams? Both, perhaps, or neither. But let us visit her first."

>Penderrin nods.

>Oane says, "Before they find us."

>Penderrin says, "Aye."

>You say, "Of course."

>Iulianus nods to Oane.

>Oane asks, "Now which way?"

>Oane frowns.

>Khras says, "Oane, this will protect you from harm."

>Guild Researcher Oane's group just went west.

>Oane asks, "Oh dear. The mage, I presume?"

>Oane glances at Khras.

>Glemm nods.

>Glemm says, "That is him."

>Khras says, "You presume correct, I am only here to help you."

>Oane says, "That was probably a bad idea, you know. You might learn more than you wish."

>Oane smiles wryly.

>You smirk.

>Glemm rubs his eyes.

>You say, "I'm thinking we weren't the only ones getting lost in here."

>Oane says, "Almost there, I think."

>Oane casually observes the area.

>Oane asks, "Where were we going?"

>Glemm says, "To visit here."

>'Burial?You ask, "Burial?"

>Glemm says, "Her."

>Glemm clears his throat.

>Oane says, "Right."

>Glemm says, "The dwarven woman."

>Oane says, "Almost there, we are."

>Iulianus points at an image.

>Glemm says, "There."

>Glemm nods.

>look image >You see a Dwarven woman sitting and interacting with a proud lion.

>Iulianus says, "That's new."

>Glemm says, "Look at it."

>Glemm nods.

>Glemm says, "It is."

>You say, "Ahh, we hadn't see this."

>Glemm says, "Her with Chadatru..."

>You nod to Glemm.

>Glemm says, "Sad."

>l image >You see a large fist with a star in the background.

>You say, "And this one."

>Glemm says, "But..."

>Iulianus says, "Another new one."

>Oane says, "Yes. She was a marvel, she was. She knew the originals, you know. The six."

>Glemm says, "Fist witha star."

>You arch your eyebrow.

>Oane says, "I think she knew, you see. She knew..."

>Oane frowns.

>Oane says, "And she still knows. That is why they hide her, I think."

>Oane giggles.

>Glemm glances at you.

>Oane says, "Ah, yes."

>Oane says, "But what does she know? I suppose that's the real question."

>You ask, "She is not dead then?"

>As Oane steps through an archway, the soulstone eyes of the rampant lions glow with a pristine luminescence!

[Excavated Site, Burial Chamber]

Although well-kept, this chamber appears to have been hollowed out with little thought for aesthetics. Lining the back wall are animite chests with thick locks. Sitting on top of each chest are various sets of armor worn by time. Near the center of the room is a half-rotten wooden coffin, barely preserved but for a large glass box sealed over it. Displayed on top of the box is a set of old mail armor with butted links. You also see a cracked wall shield and an archway.

Also here: Guild Researcher Oane, Standard Bearer Iulianus, Philosopher Khras, Templar Penderrin, Legendary Paladin Glemm.

Obvious exits: none.

>Oane says, "So it seems."

>Oane points at a large glass box.

>l box >The box protects the coffin from the elements and any stray hands.

>l in box >There is nothing in there.

>You ask, "It is empty?"

>Oane says, "But things are seldom as they seem."

>Khras gingerly rests both hands on a large glass box and closes his eyes in concentration.

>Oane says, "It doesn't APPEAR to be."

>l coffin >Some missing parts of the wood reveal a hint of a skeleton and a glint of metal. Resting on top of the >coffin are dried irises and an auburn colored beard braid.

>Glemm points at a cracked wall shield.

>Glemm says, "Look at it."

>Oane says, "But why cover it? Why not fix the coffin, or move it to a vault."

>Khras says, "There is no magical pattern surrounding the glass box either."

>l shield >The wall shield looks somewhat damaged.

>Light shines through the crack revealing an opening.

>Oane frowns.

>Oane nods to Khras.

>Oane says, "Many secrets here. Too many."

>touch shield >You reach toward the shield but a guard slaps your hand away.

>You arch your eyebrow.

>Penderrin whispers to your group, "i see the opening"

>Glemm nods to Penderrin.

>Glemm says, "Oane."

>Khras says, "She was buried with her dress plate."

>Oane says, "They refused to let me examine her, you see. Refused! And made the soldier boy seal >it."

>Glemm says, "The opening beyondtha Wall Shield."

>Glemm asks, "What is down there?"

>Glemm asks, "Have you been?"

>Oane says, "An antechamber."

>Glemm asks, "Furthermore, why would you want to examine her?"

>Oane says, "Marvelous place."

>You ask, "Who is she?"

>Glemm asks, "She's a historical figure, right? But what's so special about her?"

>Oane says, "I am...was...a researcher. A historian. That's my job. My responsibility."

>You say, "We want to hear you out, but you need to tell us."

>Oane says, "What's so special about her indeed."

>Oane says, "Come."

>Glemm nods to Oane.

>Guild Researcher Oane's group went through an opening.

[Excavation Site, Antechamber]

Like the burial chamber, this room has been hastily dug out. It appears that the builder put more thought into what items would be in here than ensuring safety when traversing the jaggedly cut walls and uneven floor. Hanging from a hook is a metal mobile with hammered discs dangling from it. You also see a faded black prayer mat, a blazing fire, a wrought-iron rack with blackened edges, a diorite altar embellished with a gold rampant lion, an opening in the wall and an animite chest encrusted with soulstones.

Also here: Legendary Paladin Glemm, Templar Penderrin, Philosopher Khras, Standard Bearer Iulianus, Guild Researcher Oane.

Obvious exits: none.

>Oane says, "Marvelous site."

>Oane sighs.

>Oane says, "We could learn so much if they'd let me study it."

>l mat The image of a hilly battlefield shrouded in a light mist has been painted upon the surface of this prayer mat. The bodies of dead warriors stretch as far as the eye can see. A lone pale and slender woman with black hair stands among the carnage with a smile upon her face.

There appears to be something written on it.

>Oane says, "So much to learn, but that's the problem."

>Glemm says, "The chest, Oane."

>Khras asks, "Was this the child's burial chamber?"

>Oane says, "They don't want us to learn. Good soldiers never ask questions."

>Glemm asks, "Have you opened it?"

>Oane says, "It is...special."

>Glemm gets a smoky soulstone from inside his backpack.

>Glemm rubs his soulstone which turns a steady white hue.

>Glemm puts his soulstone in his backpack.

>Oane says, "I would not recommend tampering with it."

>Glemm stares blankly into the distance.

>Iulianus asks, "Did you tamper with it, Oane?"

>l mat >The image of a hilly battlefield shrouded in a light mist has been painted upon the surface of this prayer mat. The bodies of dead warriors stretch as far as the eye can see. A lone pale and slender woman with black hair stands among the carnage with a smile upon her face.

There appears to be something written on it.

>Oane cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

>Oane says, "I do not have what it requires."

>read mat >A faded black prayer mat reads:

Crafted by Lirrak

>Oane smirks.

>Oane sighs.

>Glemm asks, "Oane, can you tell us about her?"

>Khras says, "A pure soul no doubt."

>Oane asks, "They want me stopped, don't they?"

>Oane asks, "About her?"

>Oane blinks.

>Glemm asks, "The dwarven woman?"

>Oane says, "Oh, yes. The Fist."

>You ask, "The first?"

>Oane says, "Not much is known about her. Not much at all."

>Glemm takes a seat near a faded black prayer mat.

>Oane asks, "Is that what they call her now? She was once the Fist. Or was it First? Perhaps the records are confused. Perhaps we are?"

>Glemm kneels down and begins to pray.

>Oane gazes off into the distance.

>Glemm stands up.

>Oane says, "She was one of the first members of the Council. But she was the first to resign as well, and return here."

>Oane says, "Hraige wrote well of her, at least."

>You ask, "Then why would she be hidden?"

>Oane says, "Why indeed. Why."

>Oane says, "That's the problem, you see. So many whys."

>You say, "Focus, Oane."

>Oane sighs.

>Oane says, "I understand Hraige now. He wrote of dreams, you know."

>Oane frowns.

>Oane says, "Dreams of Syal. Nightmares, really."

>You ask, "Syal?"

>Oane blinks at you.

>Oane asks, "You know not of Syal?"

>Oane begins an eerie, warbling wail of despair.

>Glemm furrows his brow.

>Oane says, "How much is lost. How much forgotten."

>Oane asks, "Are we so lost as that?"


Somewhere in the distance, you hear a solitary dog howling, its melancholy cry sending a chill down your spine.

((these howls are actually important, or will be at some point))

>Oane cackles!

>Glemm stares blankly into the distance.

>You pat Oane on the back.

>Penderrin says, "The hound................."

>You say, "Yes, the hound."

>Glemm nods.

>Oane nods to Penderrin.

>You say, "We all hear it."

>Oane says, "He's crying for us, you know."

>Oane shakes his head.

>Glemm says, "Is that good or bad."

>Penderrin asks, "Have we forgotten our roots? As Paladins?"

>You ask, "The council member, is she alive or dead? Or is that what's being hidden?"

>Oane says, "She's dead...I think. She should be."

>Oane says, "But I'm not convinced that's her in there."

>You nod.

>Oane asks, "If there was one false lead, perhaps there is another?"

>Glemm asks, "Oane, why are you wanted for treason?"

>Oane says, "But Syal. You must remember him. You MUST."

>Glemm peers quizzically at Oane.

>Oane laughs at Glemm.

>Oane asks, "Is that what they say?"

>Glemm shifts his weight.

>Glemm says, "Yes."

>Oane snickers.

>You nod.

>Oane clucks his tongue and shakes his head.

>You say, "They do."

>Oane takes a seat.

>Glemm leans against a wrought-iron rack with blackened edges.

>Oane says, "Goodness. Yes, I suppose they would. I stole from them, you see."

>Oane smirks.

>Glemm frowns at Oane.

>Oane says, "But to be fair, I stole what was stolen, so to speak."

>Iulianus asks, "What was it that you stole?"

>peer oanYou peer quizzically at Oane.

>Glemm says, "Explain."

>Glemm nods to Iulianus.

>Oane says, "Beren's secret."

>Oane smiles dangerously.

>Penderrin says, "Syal...............the bonding."

>Oane says, "Yes."

>Oane nods to Penderrin.

>Oane says, "That's the key. That's the key."

>Glemm says, "Beren was kicked fromtha guild, banished, fer not controllin his guild properly."

>Oane asks, "The bonding. What is it?"

>Glemm nods to Oane.

>Glemm says, "What secret did he have? It was simple."

>Oane grins at Glemm.

>Oane asks, "And I am a traitor, yes?"

>You say, "You speak in riddles, Oane."

>Glemm says, "Perhaps you are and perhaps you aren't."

>Penderrin says to Glemm, "He has a point."

>Glemm frowns at Oane.

>Oane says, "How many others have been sent away or arrested for knowing too much, or asking the wrong questions."

>Glemm looks at Penderrin and shrugs.

>Oane inhales a great swallow of air.

>Oane says, "Let's start at the beginning. A very good place to start, usually."

>Oane says, "You MUST know of Syal. You must."

>You nod to Oane.

>Iulianus says, "Excellent idea, Oane."

>You sit down.

>Iulianus takes a seat near a faded black prayer mat.

>Glemm takes a seat.

>Glemm leans against a wrought-iron rack with blackened edges.

>Oane says, "Once, long ago, the Immortals would choose champions. These were the earliest paladins, but they were not organized. No, not them."

>Penderrin nods.

>Oane says, "Nor were they what we think of paladins today. They were champions of the Immortals."

>Oane says, "Not just Rutilor. Not just Chadatru."

>Oane says, "Not even merely the light. Of the Immortals."

>Glemm nods to Khras.

>Oane says, "Oh, they tried to organize, but it never worked. Never lasted."

>Oane says, "Ego, corruption, madness..."

>Oane cackles!

>Glemm says, "Sounds liketha Crossin Guild now, boy things haven't changed much."

>Oane says, "Mostly ego and corruption. Too many leaders, no followers."

>Oane smirks.

>Oane says, "The first organization to succeed was called the Hounds of Rutilor, oddly enough."

>Oane giggles.

>Glemm says, "We know of them."

>Glemm nods.

>Oane says, "They were paladins and clerics, dedicated to opposing Dzree and the Dragon Priests."

>Oane says, "They failed, and were slain to the last man."

>Khras mutters something into the air about bunch of damned fools.

>Oane sighs.

>Glemm looks at Khras and coughs.

>Oane says, "They tried, at least. They were true to their calling."

>Oane says, "Not like..."

>Khras says, "They have slain many innocent."

>Oane clucks his tongue and shakes his head.

>Oane nods to Khras.

>Oane says, "This new group, yes."

>You nod.

>Khras says, "Of course."

>Oane says, "I fear that is for whom the hound cries."

>You say, "The current hounds."

>You say, "They are...hasty."

>Oane says, "This is NOT justice. This is not the will of Rutilor."

>Khras says, "This new group of hounds...they kill first and don't bother to question later."

>Penderrin kneels down and begins to pray.

>Oane nods to Khras.

>You nod.

>Oane says, "But we are being distracted."

>Oane says, "Syal, yes."

>You nod.

>Khras says, "They have killed many farmers, merchants, and simple town folk."

>Oane ponders.

>Glemm says, "Oane can't help that."

>Oane says, "He was one of the chosen, you see. Called upon by the Immortals as their champion."

>Glemm nods to Oane.

>Oane says, "But he did what none of the others could do."

>Iulianus asks, "What was that?"

>Oane says, "He found six others like himself, and formed an order. One that succeeded. Depsite their small size, they fought the Dragon Priests and the monstrousities they created tirelessly."

>Oane says, "He created a code of honor, and taught those who would listen what it meant to be a paladin. And when he could, he recruited more that had felt the touch of the Immortals."

>Oane says, "But then..."

>Oane frowns.

>Glemm leans forward.

>Oane asks, "...the Dragon Priests, they created many monstrousities, yes?"

>Oane says, "The Adan'f. The creatures of the Dark Hand..."

>You nod.

>Penderrin nods.

>Oane says, "And worse, I fear. Far worse."

>Iulianus nods.

>Penderrin asks, "The Hunger?"

>Oane says, "Yes, precisely."

>Oane lets out a hearty cheer for Penderrin!

>Oane says, "Good show."

>Glemm looks at Penderrin and applauds!

>You praise Penderrin.

>Iulianus lets out a loud "Huzzah!" for Penderrin!

>Glemm mutters something into the air about showoff.

>You laugh!

>Penderrin grins at Glemm.

>Oane says, "And I fear, I very much fear, they drew the attention of...something else."

>You raise an eyebrow in Oane's direction.

>Oane says, "Much like the necromancers recently did."

>Oane frowns.

>Penderrin asks, "I thought the Hunger was what was attracted, not created. there's something even greater than THAT?"

>Oane says, "A great evil fell across the lands. The nature of which I know not, save that it drew the attention and wrath of the Immortals themselves."

>Penderrin ponders.

>Oane says, "Syal and his six chosen followers were charged with defeating this darkness. That I know."

>Oane says, "And they succeeded. This too is also recorded."

>Oane says, "By something known as "the Bonding"."

>Glemm furrows his brow.

>Penderrin says, "At the cost of his life, aye."

>Oane says, "Syal sacrificed himself, precisely."

>You ask, "The bonding...?"

>Oane says, "So that his six companions could defeat this...thing...and unite the paladins."

>You nod.

>Oane says, "But nobody knows what this bonding was, or what it means."

>Oane says, "I presented several theories in my lectures."

>Oane says, "But I think I was wrong. I think it is far more important than we know."

>Oane frowns.

>Penderrin ponders.

>Oane says, "I think the name was literal."

>Oane says, "The dreams...Hraige wrote of them, I mentioned."

>Oane says, "He was one of the six."

>Penderrin nods.

>Oane says, "He spoke of dreams where he saw Syal fighting alone against hordes of undead, alone and without help."

>Oane frowns.

>You frown.

>Oane says, "But at the time, Hraige was old and more than a little senile. Mad, perhaps. Or growing mad."

>Oane says, "As those of advanced age are wont to do."

>Oane sighs.

>Oane says, "But I have been having the same dreams myself."

>Glemm says, "Is that right. Hrm."

>Penderrin asks, "Did Csilla share these same visions?"

>Oane says, "Only it is not undead he fights. No, not undead. Twisted, evil creatures, yes."

>Oane says, "Perhaps. If so, I have not found any evidence of it. But I believe probably she did."

>Penderrin nods.

>Oane says, "I have seen the creatures he fight, and they are we."

>Oane says, "But that brings us to the present. I discovered an old tome hidden in the Council archives. A journal."

>Penderrin peers quizzically at Oane.

>Glemm raises an eyebrow.

>Iulianus asks, "WE? As in the guild?"

>Oane says, "It belonged to Dreldan."

>Oane nods to Iulianus.

>Oane says, "He was one of the six."

>You ask, "The journal did?"

>Glemm asks, "This journal. You read it?"

>Oane says, "He was described as grim and dark. Dangerous. A former mercenary."

>Penderrin says, "The founder of the Crossings guildhall."

>Oane nods to you.

>Oane nods to Penderrin.

>You nod.

>Oane says, "Very good."

>Oane says, "And Beren's ancestor."

>Oane smiles wryly.

>Oane says, "Also the man responsible for bringing us Trothfang's Rally."

>Oane chuckles.

>Penderrin grins.

>Glemm says, "Ain't too sure ahm likin this direction."

>Oane says, "He was a disciple of Trothfang, you see. Dreldan, not Beren."

>Penderrin says, "Given his mercenary roots, it fits."

>Oane nods to Penderrin.

>nodYou nod.

>Oane says, "But Syal trusted him, and took him as a companion."

>Oane frowns.

>Oane says, "But the journal..."

>Oane says, "It belonged to Beren. He had found it among his possessions, and sent it to the Council to inquire if what it said was true."

>Oane says, "He was discharged shortly thereafter, and disappeared."

>Oane smirks.

>Glemm shifts his weight.

>Oane says, "As I'm sure I will now that I've found it."

>Oane cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

>Oane says, "I rather hate it whan that happens."

>Glemm asks, "This journal. What's so important that you say it had Beren expelled?"

>Oane mutters to himself.

>Glemm asks, "What's it got in it?"

>Iulianus says, "Indeed."

>Oane says, "It speaks of a follower of Trothfang being an acknowledged paladin, for one thing."

>You ask, "You have the journal of Dreidan. What does it divulge that would cause all this secrecy?"

>Oane smiles wryly.

>You nod.

>Oane says, "It also confirms some of what Hraige had hinted at in HIS journal."

>Oane says, "Have you read it? Hraige's journal, I mean."

>Glemm says, "Perhaps Penderrin has."

>You shake your head at Oane.

>You say, "I have not."

>You glance at Penderrin, a male Rakash.

>Penderrin says, "Some notes, aye."

>You say, "Clearly he's read everything."

>You grin.

>Penderrin grins.

>Oane chuckles.

>Oane nods.

>(Glemm isn't exactly a voracious reader.)

>Oane says, "Hraige spoke of visiting the Council in his later years, and not recognizing the teachings."

>Oane says, "They attribute that to his infirmity, but I wonder..."

>Oane asks, "Yes, I truly wonder. Do you know of Kraphae?"

>You glance at Penderrin, a male Rakash.

>Oane raises an eyebrow.

>Penderrin says, "The Betrayer, first councilor impeached."

>(Glemm draws another blank.)

>Oane grins at Penderrin.

>Oane says, "Very good."

>Oane says, "He wrote the Code, you know."

>Oane cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

>Penderrin says, "No he didn;t."

>Penderrin says, "He's a farce."

>Oane says, "Oh, he did. Or rather, he rewrote it."

>Penderrin winks at Oane.

>Penderrin says, "Right."

>Oane says, "He rewrote much of what was handed down."

>You laugh!

>Khras studies the faces around him.

>Oane says, "And was impeached, as you say."

>Oane says, "He was also strongly suspected of the murder of Medern, and the arson of the first guildhall."

>Oane says, "But those were never proven."

>Penderrin nods in agreement.

>You say, "In short, the history of our guild is a mess and not very pleasant."

>Oane says, "But Dreldan believed he was guilty. Very much so."

>Oane nods to you.

>Oane says, "I think..."

>Oane frowns.

>Oane says, "I think a lot of it was political, you understand."

>Glemm says, "When is it not."

>You say, "Always for the power."

>Oane says, "They desperately needed the support of the Baron."

>You shake your head.

>Oane says, "Wanted it, needed it."

>Oane asks, "Craved it?"

>Oane ponders.

>Oane says, "Needed, to be sure."

>Oane says, "So they modified Syal's teachings where necessary to win over the support of the Baron and the Therengian nobles."

>Oane says, "Kraphae began that, but it didn't end with him."

>Oane says, "To be fair, perhaps it WAS necessary to some degree."

>You nod.

>Oane asks, "But how far have we strayed? When the truth is hidden, how many changes to changes have occurred?"

>Oane asks, "What was the bonding? What was the Code before it was modified?"

>Oane asks, "How close are we to the truth?"

>Oane frowns.

>Iulianus frowns.

>Oane sighs.

>Penderrin leaps to his feet!

>Oane says, "I do know this. The six came to distrust the Council. One was slain by a council member, almost certainly."

>Penderrin nods.

>You frown.

>Oane says, "And they refused to speak of the Bonding. I think this is important, although I do not know why."

>You say, "How can we find out? There must be something....."

>Oane says, "I don't know. I have been trying, and look where it's gotten me."

>Oane cackles insanely, wild-eyed and drooling.

>Oane says, "Dreams, nightamres."

>Oane says, "Watchers."

>Oane cackles!

>You say, "And a little drool right there."

>You nod to Oane.

>Oane says, "And that blasted hound."

>Glemm stands up.

>Oane says, "The Hounds will come for us all, you know. In the end."

>Oane smirks.

>Glemm nods.

>Glemm says, "Oane, we are gunna speak fera moment."

You stand back up.

>Oane kneels.

>Iulianus stands up.

>Oane says, "A wise idea."

>Glemm stretches out a hand imploringly to you.

>Oane says, "Don't mind me. I'll just..."

>Oane casually observes the area.

>Glemm says, "Do yer thing."

>Glemm says, "Dunt wander far."

>Oane says, "My thing, yes."

>Khras joins Glemm's group.

>Oane stands up.

>Glemm grunts at Oane.

>Penderrin joins Glemm's group.

>Oane dusts himself off.

>Iulianus joins Glemm's group.

>Oane casually observes the area.

>join glemYou join Glemm's group.

>Glemm holds hands with Khras.

>Khras says, "I'll stay here with Oane, if you don't mind."

>Oane says, "Before you talk, let me suggest something."

>Glemm says, "Hrm."

>Oane says, "If you know too much, you may end up like me."

>Khras whispers to your group, "I say we help him."

>Oane snickers.

>Oane asks, "Perhaps you already do?"

>Penderrin says, "Maybe thats what this guild needs."

>You ask, "Do we?"

>You say, "I don't think we know enough."

>Oane says, "Don't ask questions unless you want to know the answers. You may not like them. I know others will not."

>Glemm says, "You've basically told us that our guild is not what we think it is."

>Khras says, "Knowledge is power, as they say."

>Glemm says, "It is more."

>Oane asks, "Oh, and one last thing. Touching the images is a way out. Why the traps? Why the wards?"

>You say, "I think I can comfortably speak for all of us and say we want the answers."

>Oane says, "Questions, always."

>Oane smirks.

>Penderrin says, "People to rattle the cages. We've cme to lean ont he guild leaders for our "righteousness" nto the true source: The immortals."

>Guild Researcher Oane went through an opening in the wall.

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