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Re: Record Fish · on 9/30/2008 8:54:07 PM 946
>>Is there some special thing you have to know to catch larger fish?

Foraging and/or Animal Lore. Determines the weight range (X to Y) of any type of fish that you can get to nibble. Seems like perhaps there might be some sort of limitation to this to prevent fish with a minimum weight greater than your ability allows you to catch from biting your bait and thereby pretty much automatically yank your pole, break your line, or spit the hook out. As skill grows, you will be unable to catch fish weighing less than X.

hook size. I didn't test for this regarding fish weight. Might govern how easily the hook can slip out, however.
line size. Determines if a fish can pop the line or not. Heavier line = harder to break.
pole type (not sure anything's visible other than name and standard appraise values).
bait type. According to "recent" posts on the subject, changes the ratio of bite probabilities to favor different types of fish. Does not change what fish types will bite.
fish "fatigue". Fish can pop lines, slip hooks, and pull the pole from your hand. They apparently cannot do so if they wore themselves out.
fish "strength". Helps determine how much fatigue they have and what sort of fighting power?
fish "teeth? agility?". Some fish have teeth, and subsequently are more prone to popping lines.
your strength. Helps you hold onto your pole.
your stamina/fatigue? (never checked to see if fighting a larger fish wore me out any (faster), but I don't think it applies.)

location. Determines max size of fish you can catch there, as well as fish type. Just because you can catch a 300-lb creppoo in the ocean doesn't mean you will find any bigger than 12 in the Arthe Dale swimming hole
fish type (never mind that creppoo max weight seems to be 16ish lbs rather than 300).

>>Also a question about the records, is the record board realms wide or just local? ie if I look at the record board in Aersy is that just for Aersy fishers? Thanks for any help.

It's instance-wide. Everyone in Plat uses the same board, everyone in Prime uses a different board, and TF has a third board.


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