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Out with the Old in with the New, well hopefully. · on 10/20/2013 05:24 AM CDT 1048
So Ivitha isnt a OOC secret but i didnt know about S.. so if the name wants to be out there just post it.

[15:30] Ivitha says, "Oh, well hello." [15:30] You say, "Hello there." [15:30] A... cautiously says to S..., "Second time we've meet." [15:30] You ask, "How are we all?" [15:31] Ivitha asks, "How are you all on this find morning?" [15:31] You say, "Doing well." [15:31] You say to Ivitha, "Must say its good to speak to you about more than just circles." [15:31] A... says, "Well we were just discussing things afoot in the area of the Greater Fists." [15:31] Ivitha asks, "Do you all know S...?" [15:31] You say, "No." [15:31] You say, "I was just about to introduce myself." [15:31] E... says, "I met her for a short moment or two." [15:31] S... says, "I've met some of you. Hello." [15:31] E... says, "In a 'party' I was hosting at the Den of Crossing." [15:32] You say to S..., "Rifkinn Shomm Olvi, Inquisitor blah blah blah." [15:32] S... says, "Nice to meet you." [15:32] E... says, "A... and I have been attempting to got more lively adventurers into the place." [15:32] Ivitha asks, "Oh? How has it been going?" [15:32] E... says, "Slow, but it's the right and Thiefly thing to do." [15:33] Ivitha says, "There has been a lot of changes since Varsyth took over. Most of it for the better." [15:33] A... says, "I feel we're seeing some accomplishments, I'd like to eventually have a more direct stealth passage to the Tunnel of Roses." [15:33] S... says, "That is a lot of digging." [15:33] You ask Ivitha, "That a question or observation?" [15:34] A... says to Ivitha, "I don't know what it was like before, but it seems a little ghost town-ish at times." [15:34] Ivitha says to you, "It was not a question." [15:34] A... happily says, "Though again, I feel we are somewhat changing that." [15:35] A... says to S..., "And sometimes a lot of work is the foundation that builds unity." [15:35] You say, "I think the guild could have alittle more....direction up there." [15:35] S... asks you, "How so?" [15:35] A... says, "Sometimes we seem to be lacking it, though I'm just a lowly Thief." [15:36] You say to S..., "Just feels like we are rather scattered at the moment." [15:36] You say, "We have lost the old code." [15:36] Ivitha says, "A lot of people no longer believe in the old code." [15:36] You say, "No." [15:36] E... says to S..., "I agree with Rifkinn, I know some don't care about code and code that, but we aren't a Guild, its like lone wolf central." [15:36] You say, "I think it is gone." [15:36] E... asks, "Where is the Pack?" [15:36] You say, "And finished." [15:37] You say, "So bury it." [15:37] You say, "And we get together and put down a new code." [15:37] You say, "A new era so to speak." [15:37] A... says, "Why we need to Build that tunnel, and add a little more Thiefly personality into the place." [15:37] Ivitha says, "That is something to take into consideration." [15:37] A... says, "It'll cement our bond, we'll be a Unit." [15:38] Ivitha says, "A tunnel does not build unity." [15:38] You say, "No." [15:38] You say, "Direction does." [15:38] A... softly says, "Of course I'd like a little tribute to Phelim... but...." [15:38] You say to A..., "Not to say your sudgestions are important though." [15:38] A... cautiously says, "No I was more thinking the work that we'd do together would build unity." [15:39] A... cautiously says, "Building a tunnel is A LOT of work even with a lot of people." [15:39] You ask, "Do either of you both have any sudgestions?" [15:39] Ivitha says, "That would have to be Kalag the Sly's call." [15:40] You ask, "For the guild as a whole?" [15:40] Ivitha says, "S..., maybe it is time to tell them about your work." [15:40] You say, "YEs S... it is." [15:40] S... says, "I was not planning on revealing it yet. I am not done." [15:40] E... says, "Poison." [15:40] A... says, "Well I heard about something down Shard way she was working with." [15:41] E... asks, "Well that was meant as a question, thus poison?" [15:41] S... says, "No." [15:41] You say to S..., "Well how about i entice you with the promise of a fine night out in Arthdale." [15:41] E... says, "A Rakash can hope." [15:41] S... says, "For now, I've work to do." [15:41] S... says, "But I will say." [15:42] E... says, "Showing is so much better then saying." [15:42] You say to S..., "Well an Olvi can try." [15:42] E... says, "Alright, I'll give in." [15:43] S... says, "I am in Crossing currently to study the Code and it's place in the current standings of the guild." [15:43] E... says, "Ummm..." [15:43] S... says, "This information STAYS within the guilded." [15:43] Ivitha says, "It is imperative that you all realize that." [15:43] E... says, "Within this group of Guilded or..." [15:43] You say, "Absolutly." [15:43] S... says, "All of the guilded." [15:44] S... says, "It would be a good thing if I can meet more of them." [15:44] S... says, "That will take time." [15:44] E... asks, "And Varsyth knows your working on this in his truf?" [15:44] E... asks, "Turf?" [15:44] Ivitha says, "All of the guildleaders do." [15:44] You say to S..., "Its funny you have mentioned this." [15:44] S... says, "Likewise." [15:44] Ivitha says, "With our blessings." [15:44] You say to S..., "Lately ive been talking with some guild brothers and sisters about getting together." [15:45] E... says, "Well your working on the Code, I have complete and great faith in what we've been doing." [15:45] E... says to S..., "It still would have been nice if it was Poison, but I'll let you slide." [15:45] S... says to E..., "You do not have much of a choice." [15:46] E... quietly says to S..., "Shhh, don't let The Elf know." [15:46] You say to S..., "Asking them if they feel the direction of the guild has ended us somewhat lost." [15:46] E... quietly says to S..., "I have a rep to protect." [15:47] A... says, "I just hope we get more together, I mean look at this group, these are us of Crossing, and that is all that showed up." [15:47] S... says to you, "A lot of people now are out for themselves. It is all they've known." [15:47] You say to S..., "Exactly." [15:47] You say to S..., "And its a shame that we are rather fractured like that." [15:48] You say to S..., "The younger in our guild feel it most." [15:48] Ivitha says, "In the end, her studies will hopefully reveal what is best for the guild." [15:48] Ivitha says, "Saishla has trained her students well." [15:48] You say, "Im sure it will." [15:48] S... says, "Thank you, Guildleader." [15:48] You ask S..., "Do you have a time frame on when you would like to meet with some other members?" [15:49] S... says, "I've been doing what I can, when I can." [15:49] S... whispers, "OOC: HE fest preparations are keeping me busy for now." [15:50] S... says, "This is a project that will take me a while." [15:50] You whisper to S..., "OOC yeah thats fine i dont mean to rush lol you guys are flat out" [15:50] You say to S..., "Well you know ide be more than eager to help with anything." [15:50] You say, "As im sure we all would." [15:50] S... says, "I will keep you all in mind." [15:50] Ivitha asks, "Did I give you all of the parchments, S...?" [15:51] A... asks Ivitha, "Well since I'm here, and I only ask you to circle anyways, you know if I'm good enough to get within the next circle?" [15:51] S... says, "Yes, you did." [15:51] Ivitha says, "Excellent. I really appreciate you distributing them." [15:51] You say to S..., "Oh if your heading back south to Ilith, mind letting her know how happy i am with ignight." [15:52] S... says, "I will." [15:52] You say, "Absolutly fantastic that little trick." [15:52] You say, "Paladin... works well on em." [15:52] Ivitha says, "For the rest of you, you can do me this favor." [15:53] Ivitha says, "You can pass the word."

Ivitha motions to the new renown scroll

[15:54] A... says, "Only time I'll ever be on a scroll." [15:54] You say to A..., "Beat ya." [15:54] A... says, "Of course, I won't be up for long." [15:54] Ivitha says, "Greetings." [15:55] E... says to D..., "Add your name to the scroll." [15:55] E... says to D..., "We're trying to remove A... from the list." [15:55] D... says, "Hello, ma'am." [15:55] A... says, "From first to dead list, twice in a day." [15:55] You say, "So um dexterity." [15:56] E... says, "So what am I supposed to tell D...." [15:56] E... says to D..., "S... is studying us for how the Code should be in the guild, and wants to talk to us." [15:56] E... says, "Something like that anyways." [15:56] D... says, "Hrm." [15:57] S... says, "Not right this moment." [15:57] S... says, "I have something else I need to do." [15:57] E... says, "Yes I mean like US the big US Guilded Us." [15:57] E... says, "Thieves." [15:57] E... says, "Not thieves but Thieves." [15:57] E... asks, "Notice the difference in the stressing of the words?" [15:58] D... asks, "So...what's the consensus or opinions expressed thus far?" [15:58] S... whispers, "Would you mind tapping it again? It was setting off a message" [15:58] E... says to D..., "Just nod and smile, nod and smile." [15:58] E... says, "We want, well I'm wanting to do what I've been doing for a while." [15:58] You whisper to S..., "hows that?" [15:58] E... says, "Trying to host awesome Thiefly parties." [15:58] S... whispers, "OOC: Can you tap that scroll again? I need to see if a bug is fixed." [15:58] E... says, "And bring folks to the den." [15:59] A... says, "I was planning to talk to Kalag the Sly after Hollow." [15:59] D... says, "All well and good, sure. I don't see how that relates to the old Code, though." [15:59] S... says to D..., "Divided." [15:59] You whisper to S..., " there or want me to rub and tap" [15:59] S... says, "Though the old Code is definitely outdated in some area." [15:59] A... says, "Hollow's Eve, about using his folks to talk about meeting, start my Thiefly Teach Nights essentially again, so you know..." [15:59] S... whispers, "Nope! All set. Thanks!" [15:59] A... says to S..., "If you want to be a guest speaker, just let me know." [15:59] You whisper to S..., "no problem" [15:59] D... says, "To be honest, I'm a bit jaded towards the old Code and not sure that it applies to today's Thieves so much." [16:00] A... says to S..., "Do something catchy or just talk or ask..." [16:00] D... says, "It served its purpose in those days, but this is a new era and the guild has changed since those times." [16:00] You say, "Hence old code." [16:00] S... says to D..., "Exactly what I was saying." [16:00] E... says, "Hey I'm not an Old Code guy, I just want us to be Thieves." [16:01] E... says, "Plural of Thief." [16:01] S... says, "My findings aren't quite ready to be shared yet." [16:01] E... asks Ivitha, "Any chance you'd had some rum?" [16:01] S... says, "There is still a lot of work to do." [16:01] You say, "And if either of you fine lady's know the curator of the throne city museum, should drop a hint they should add a nice repeater crossbow to the displays." [16:01] Ivitha says, "Yes, I've had rum before." [16:02] You say, "Im sure they have one in the basement someplace." [16:02] E... says, "Well, darn I asked that wrong. I wanted to know if you had any to give me." [16:02] D... says, "I feel that any code, that is enforceable at all, would need someone or someones to enforce it heavily and make a lot of people cry when they stray." [16:02] Ivitha says, "I do not." [16:02] D... says, "Whether it's a revival of the old code...or an entirely new code for these times." [16:03] You say to D..., "I couldnt agree more." [16:03] Ivitha says, "One thing for sure..." [16:03] You say to D..., "People are way to flippant about some of the things we do." [16:03] E... says to D..., "Nothing wrong with people crying." [16:04] Ivitha says, "I do not want to hear of our guild being open about it's existence." [16:04] Ivitha says, "Kalag the Black was too slack in enforcing that." [16:04] D... asks, "Is Tigron still alive? or his brother in arms?" [16:04] You say to Ivitha, "So that is something you would like to impress on us." [16:04] A... asks, "The Danes?" [16:04] Ivitha says, "Kalag the Sly is doing a much better job." [16:05] S... says to D..., "They are." [16:05] D... says, "I would be pleased to see 'em both crackin skulls again, especially those of our ranks that flaunt the legal systems by remaining on wanted boards for extended periods of time." [16:05] Ivitha says, "We have already lost two guildhalls to people being too open about where to find it." [16:06] D... says, "It always unnerves me to see so many wanted for thievery for weeks or months on end." [16:06] A... says, "Riverhaven and Crossing." [16:06] You say to D..., "Ive been wanting to have some of us be bounty hunters." [16:06] D... says, " irritates me, I should say." [16:06] A... says, "I turn myself in right away, I don't want people knowing what I do." [16:06] A... says, "I'm an odd enough Ranger." [16:06] You say to D..., "You know give people a chance to do something, and if they dont they become open to the concequesces." [16:07] Ivitha says, "We will see where things go with this. S... and Saishla's other student must finish their work first." [16:07] A... says, "So what about people that flunt they are Assassins, or Thiefs or Underbosses." [16:07] S... says, "That answer will have to come later." [16:08] S... says, "There is a difference between flaunting that you're a pickpocket and flaunting that you're a member of a guild of thieves." [16:08] A... says, "Guild of Thieves." [16:09] E... says to S..., "It's just a slight difference in tone." [16:09] You say, "Well can i just say, i was loosing faith that the higher ups such as yourselves, cared about our direction." [16:09] E... says, "See thief versus Thief." [16:09] You say, "Im so glad im so terribly wrong." [16:09] Ivitha says, "We very much care." [16:09] S... says to E..., "Don't make me kill you two." [16:10] You say, "And when i say, burying or doing away with the old code, and looking towards a new direction." [16:10] You say, "I in no way mean to loose our history." [16:10] E... says, "Me, I'm a charming Rakash, now The Elf..." [16:10] D... says, "If any enforcement takes place for the aforementioned topics, I feel a warning or announcement should be put out so that all are aware well in advance in order to give them a chance to rectify their situtations accordingly." [16:10] S... says, "If it comes to that, of course." [16:10] You say, "So many of the young onse know little of our past." [16:11] You say to D..., "Thats why i stated they have a chance." [16:11] D... says, "If they fail to do so, then it's on them and Tigron, or whomever, gets to thump some skulls." [16:11] You say, "A gentle tap on the back, befor a blade in the back." [16:11] E... says, "Any chance we can bribe some officials to allow us to slip off with some Ambika and or Fade weapons that are in traders shops." [16:11] Ivitha says, "That is another issue for another time." [16:12] E... says, "Its come up, and was a lively discussion." [16:12] D... asks, "Speakin of that...any chance Fade might be able to teach us a few things in future?" [16:12] Ivitha says, "I, and the other guildleaders, are aware of it." [16:12] Ivitha says, "Do not take that as us "letting" it happen. We need to talk about exactly how we're going to enforce it without causing complication." [16:13] E... says, "Well yes, figured you would, guess I'm just voicing my concern again." [16:13] Ivitha says to D..., "I do not know the answer to that." [16:13] Ivitha says, "Now, I apologize. I have a lot of work I need to get to." [16:13] You say, "Well something like a whiper in there ear, to let em know we are onto them." [16:14] Ivitha says, "S..., if you would go ahead and distribute the scrolls, I would greatly appreciate it." [16:14] E... says, "Ahhh, we came all this way and no party food." [16:14] You say, "Thank you for meeting with us." [16:14] E... says, "Well I'll just have to grab some by that other table.." [16:14] S... says, "Yes, Guildleader." [16:14] You say to S..., "Nice to meet you." [16:14] A... says to Ivitha something in Ilithic. [16:14] S... says, "Likewise." [16:14] You ask S..., "You good for an escort?" [16:17] S... asks, "What the hey?" [16:17] You ask S..., "So is a scroll going to be in each guild?" [16:17] S... says, "Yes." [16:17] A... asks, "One for each set of disciplines?" [16:18] D... says, "Gotta say though, I do like the new register. very cool." [16:18] You say, "So do i." [16:18] D... says, "And the code names is a nice touch." [16:18] A... says, "Grey Lipopod." [16:18] E... says to A..., "I still Like you as Honor better." [16:18] You say, "A viridian mouse." [16:18] E... says to A..., "I could see you as Grey Honor or something." [16:19] A... asks, "Grey?" [16:19] S... says, "I need to head out and deliver these now." [16:19] S... says, "When I am done, I may stop for a drink in Crossing." [16:20] S... says, "Well, scratch that." [16:20] S... says, "I have to go to Muspari too."

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