Misenseor Goods (1)

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Misenseor Goods
Event Holy Festival 392
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Food shops, Weapon shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Misenseor Goods, Entrance]
This small ingress is confined by dark-colored drapery, concealing the rest of the wagon from view. Two openings admit into larger rooms where the wares of the monks are displayed. A sheaf of sirese flowers lies forlornly nearby on the floor. You also see a lacquered pine door and a velvet-covered table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

On the velvet-covered table
Item Price Done
amphora of Death Spirit grog ?   No
demijohn of Dark Spirit ale ?   No
jug of Dark Fiend fizzle ?   No
tray of dry-roasted scorpions coated with a crunchy layer of cherry candy ?   No

[Misenseor Goods, Dark Light]
A chandelier with black crystal prisms is mounted on the ceiling, casting the room in an eerie midnight ambience as though beneath a cloud-covered Xibar. Large twin bowls, filled with ash, flank a stylized thirteen-pointed star burnt into the wall between the room's two egresses. You also see a cedar parchment case.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

In the parchment case
Item Price Done
shadowy mauve scroll ?   
murky fallow scroll ?   
dusky ecru scroll ?   
pale taupe scroll ?   
splotched charcoal scroll ?   
glossy black scroll ?   
streaked ebon scroll ?   
sooty bistre scroll ?   

[Misenseor Goods, Shrouding Darkness]
Heavy curtains in a multitude of black and grey hues hang all around the room, only allowing passage through three narrow slits. Several bolts of fabric are propped upright to lean against a wall. A faint scent of incense comes from the middle opening in the curtains. You also see a shallow box, a double hanger with some stuff on it and a pinewood garderobe.

On the double hanger
Item Price Done
deeply-cowled cape of black velvet ?   
enveloping pall of ragged black grogram ?   
In the shallow box
Item Price Done
frayed grey mourning veil ?   
In the pinewood garderobe
Item Price Done
ash-grey angora monk's robe belted with red-scaled leather ?   !!
ink-black mohair monk's robe belted with blue-scaled leather ?   !!
soot-black silk monk's robe embroidered with reddish vela'tohr bloodvines ?   !!
smoke-grey silk monk's robe embroidered with black vela'tohr blossoms ?   

[Misenseor Goods, Zealous Destruction]
The pinewood walls enclosing this side of the wagon are equipped with implements of battle for the use of warrior monks. Large twin bowls, filled with red liquid, flank a stylized thirteen-pointed star burnt into the wall between the room's two egresses. You also see a huge cedar rack with some stuff on it, an iron hook with a strap of braided mey mosshair on it and a birch pedestal with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

On the iron hook
Item Price Done
strap of braided mey mosshair ?   No
On the cedar rack
Item Price Done
golden-bladed scimitar with a hilt wrapped in metallic-red scaled leather ?   !!!!
silver-bladed scimitar with a hilt wrapped in midnight-blue scaled leather ?   
dark crimson sword etched with spidery lightning ?   
steel jambiya with a hilt wrapped in membranous kartais wing ?   
serrated bone-white scythe hung with a pair of sluagh claws ?   
twisted black horn, a morning star studded with Adan'f tail barbs ?   No
granite mace sculpted like a gaunt greenish fist ?   
holy water sprinkler studded with stony basilisk fangs ?   
oaken impalement stake branded with viperous coils ?   !!!!
On the birch pedestal
Item Price Done
bleached faenrae skull ?   No
bleached Adan'f skull ?   !!
bleached basilisk skull ?   !!
jeweled faenrae skull ?   
jeweled Adan'f skull ?   !!
jeweled basilisk skull ?   !!

[Misenseor Goods, Abbot's Blessings]
Olibanum incense cones smolder within a faience censer at the far corner of the wagon's heart. Their smoky tendrils whorl upward, deepening the already dark tones of a somber portrait just above. Unlike the other rooms, the floor here is neatly carpeted and furnished with velvet cushions. You also see a marble salver with some stuff on it, a birchwood trunk with a papyrus note on it and an ornate brass skippet.
Obvious exits: north.

A papyrus note reads:
"In homage to our honored abbot, The Weaver has graciously crafted these numinous prayer mats for us."

In the birchwood trunk
Item Price Done
rust-colored woolen prayer mat ?   
sapphirine linen prayer mat ?   No
amethystine silk prayer mat ?   
sable nightsilk prayer mat ?   No
dark silver firesilk prayer mat ?   No
On the marble salver
Item Price Done
amber ring inset with the shrike of Dergati ?   
larimar ring inset with the adder of Asketi ?   
jet ring inset with the goshawk of Botolf ?   
hematite ring inset with the raccoon of Zachriedek ?   
pyrite ring inset with the heron of Idon ?   
alabaster ring inset with the vulture of Aldauth ?   
malachite ring inset with the weasel of Huldah ?   
In the brass skippet
Item Price Done
rowan pilgrim's badge depicting the Misenseor Abbey ?   
pilgrim's badge crafted from bone-white witchclaw bark ?   
sana'ati pilgrim's badge varnished to a dusky sheen ?   
ebony pilgrim's badge inlaid with a thirteen-pointed star ?