Kitten Emporium (6)

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The Kitten Emporium
Event Estate Holder Mini-Fest 442
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Cozy Homes

[The Kitten Emporium, Cozy Homes]
One wall is painted with an idyllic scene depicting a rather dignified tomcat dressed in spats, pinstripe trousers and a vest complete with pocket orlog. He holds to his eyes a strange gold viewing device and is peering across a field at a fanciful bird perched in a tree. Peaking from over the tom's shoulder is a tubby tabby dressed in what appears to be an attempt to mimic the refinement of the other cat's outfit. Nothing on the tabby quite matches in color or style, including the tea cozy that she is using for a hat. Above the painting is a banner while below are simple sales stands.
You also see a door.
Obvious exits: none.

A banner reads:

"Mister Wiggles and Miss Muffin go bird watching."

On the polished stand
Item Price Done
tiny red velvet barn with whitethorn trim 18,750   
scrap-fabric Ilithic apple sapling in the full flower of first bloom 106,250   !!
miniature ornate Elothean silk teahouse trimmed with gold tassels 312,500   !!
woolen cave decorated with tiny felt bones 18,750   !!
distorted thick paper box 12,500   !!
On the wood stand
Item Price Done
whimsical apple crate crafted from marblesilk framed by Ilithic applewood 150,000   !!
fuzzy four-sided farmhouse fashioned from faded flannel 56,250   !!
rainbow-striped angora wool bait bucket brimming with watersilk unicorn breams 68,750   !!
tiny squat dwarf pine topped with an impressively tall fabric-swathed treehouse 87,500   !!
kitten-sized diorama of two red corduroy oak trees suspending a tiny hammock 75,000   !!
On the simple stand
Item Price Done
lush green tiny cashmere knoll abloom with purple and pink-spotted white catnip 125,000   !!
small crate decorated as a tropical bungalow with a woven palm frond roof 31,250   !!
small blue abode crafted from heavy wool 25,000   !!
soft miniature cottage made from panels of stuffed silk 62,500   !!
graceful small-scale galleon gaff-rigged with sails of gossamer 50,000   !!