Khri Darken

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: None
Slot Cost: 1
Difficulty: Tier 1
Type / Skill: khri / augmentation
Use Cost: 8 Concentration on startup + 2 Concentration per pulse
Path: Subtlety
Description: Crow pauses before signing, "This meditation helps you get into the shadows with ease. Or at least better than you were before. It also helps you remain hidden while you ply your trade. Once learned, this khri cannot be forgotten, but it is terribly vital for just about everything we do, so I'm not sure why you'd want to."
Effect: +Stealth skill
Messaging: Focusing your mind, you look around yourself to find the subtle differences lurking in the shadows nearby. After several deep breaths, your senses have attuned themselves to finding the best hiding spots.