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Kaizakira Nihshyde
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Damiza, Felwyne

Clerical Notes


Resurrecting the dead is not as difficult as a lot of people would make it seem but everyone raises the dead differently. I'll discuss how I raise a corpse.

I tend to skip this step because I can usually get the body up faster than it would even matter, but to ensure the corpse does not depart against their will, casting Vigil on them in the beginning will help prevent that type of departing.

Next, I prepare to cast Resurrection. Due to the complexity of this spell, you have to wait to fully prepare it.

Once cast, I start to prepare my rejuvenation. As I'm preparing this spell, I'm infusing my Resurrection to search for their soul at the same time.

Keep repeating this process of rejuvenation and infusing until the corpse's memories are silver and when you finally find their soul.

Once both of these have been obtained, you can cast Soul Binding on the corpse. I find that you do not really need more than minimum mana to cast this spell. The more mana you put into it, the longer it will stay upon the corpse, but due to me casting it just before I'm about to raise them, I find this snap casting method a lot easier and I can focus on using my mana for the other spells.

Lastly, making sure the body is silver, you gesture at the corpse and watch them rise!

If you forget if the corpse is silver or not, you can perceive their body. This will not only tell you what color their memories are on but also if their soul has been bound and how many favors they may have.

Now, you may want to perceive the corpse first in all this steps. I mean, that would probably be the wisest to do to not waste your time in case you found yourself a favorless corpse for which you cannot raise. Protect their memories and give them a highfive for good luck and be on your way.

I hope this helps!