Item:Ceremonial vest of darkened armure with a lighter patch

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ceremonial vest of darkened armure with a lighter patch
Look: The heavy but soft fabric is woven into a small, interlaced chainmail-like design. A blue-grey dye has colored most of the garment, but a patch along the left side remains the natural light grey. Golden pins line the lighter panel in neat rows, ready to secure honorific medals. There are no medals on the ceremonial vest.
Weight: 5 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 1250 Kronars
1,000 Lirums
902 Dokoras
1.25 LTBpoints
1.25 Tickets
1.25 Scrips
  • This item is worn in the shirt (with armor) slot.
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is Drathrok's Duskruin 442/Drathrok's Assemblage, Drathrok's Duskruin 438/Drathrok's Assemblage, Drathrok's Duskruin 435/Drathrok's Assemblage

The ceremonial vest is pocketed.

"The ceremonial vest allows you to proudly wear medals upon it, but be warned that the vest will bond to the first person to wear it."

STUDY - Being familiar with the ceremonial vest, you believe you could CLEAN, TURN, PULL, SHAKE or RUB the vest. You could also PUT medals on to display them to others, or GET them off of the vest. The first person to WEAR the vest will bond to it. This cannot be changed or cleared! If another person tries interacting, the vest will teleport to its owner.

CLEAN - With a twitch of your finger, you clean a speck of lint from your vest.

TURN - You twist your vest to lie flat on your clothing.

PULL - You pull your vest sharply downward, adjusting its fit on your clothing.

SHAKE - You shake a ceremonial vest of darkened armure with a lighter patch, causing the medals to rattle against each other.

RUB - Your ceremonial vest glows softly as you brush your hand against it, a glowing symbol of prowess.