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Paladin Guild Hibarnhvidar

>ask Darius about holy weapon

Darius exclaims, "Congratulations, on your level of success! I do know of what you seek, but there are things in life one must understand before this ability is granted. Lyle will teach you a valuable lesson, and should you learn it appropriately you may continue on."


[Shard, The New South Bridge]
To the south, torches light New Gate, the city's stout bulwark against the wilds across the water. The main gate, with its heavy and well-oiled iron portcullis, is flanked by towers, the one to the west part of the granite front of the Theater of Shard. You also see a prominent warning sign, the stairway to the tower battlements, a pair of doors to the theater and the Sentinel Lyle.
Obvious paths: north, east, west.
>l lyle
Lean to the point of being a touch gaunt, Lyle wears deep blue robes as his uniform, the sleeve cuffs and hems embroidered in silver with the various symbols of the elements. A solemn look rests on the mage's lips as he stands watch, a talisman around his neck and a small fluffy white cat standing by him faithfully. A member of the guards known as the "Watchmen", he is apparently content with his life as a respected mage of the city.
>ask lyle about quest
Lyle says, "You seek success, first you must witness failure. Come with me!"

Lyle grabs your forearm and ushers you down the street. He stops in front of a dilapidated building, fumbling with a set of keys before opening the door and throwing you inside.

A crippled and blind young woman sits there in simple surroundings.
[Hriana's Cottage]
Rough-hewn wooden slats are pieced together unevenly, enclosing the one-room cottage. Tucked into a corner, rests a modest cot adorned with a fraying patchwork quilt that covers a thin and lumpy, ticked mattress. An oaken table sits on uneven legs beneath a dusty windowsill with a large, half-burned candle serving as the lone centerpiece. Near the entryway, a long pantry door stands partly ajar. Hriana is seated in a makeshift chair with wooden wheels. You also see a heavy wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.

Lyle peeks back in and says, "I suggest you speak with her before you proceed. I will leave you be now."

With a slight bow Lyle pivots on his heel and exits through the open door, closing it behind him.

Hriana attempts to clean around the area as if she were expecting guests.=

>look at hriana
She has shoulder length auburn hair framing delicate facial features. One milky blue eye is paired with a milky white eye, both gazing in your direction vacantly and seemingly focused on some unseen object just behind you.

A thick lap-rug lays across her lap, draping down to cover her ankles and revealing only bare toes. Her blouse is aged, the white now slightly yellowed, but otherwise in good repair. The gentle scent of liliacs drifts from her direction.

(Ask Hriana about Lyle)

Hriana says, "I am sorry, you have been just standing there. You may leave through the door."

>offer bread to hriana
Hriana says kindly, "Thank you so much though it really isnt necessary, I will manage, I always have. I should really rest now, and you might wish to tell Snow now that we have met. She has always asked me to send my visitors to her."

She pauses kindly before adding with a slight smirk, "I think perhaps she helps provide for me, but she would never admit that I suppose."

You walk through the door and find yourself at...
[Shard, Xibar's Crescent Road]
The Tower of Honor -- home to the Paladins of Shard -- rises straight and tall out of the side of the winking facets of the city walls. The milky white stone that composes the keep shines softly, for all the world looking as if it were an odd, earthbound piece of the fourth moon of legend. To the northeast, the Bridge of Suns braces its goldenoak feet against the bank of a water channel that would separate Xibar Street from Sapphire Avenue.
Obvious paths: southeast, northwest.

Tower of Honor Shard

>ask snow about Hriana
Lady Snow exclaims, "Oh that is wonderful! She is such a kind and dear soul, and I take pity on her horrible misfortune. Sadly, our guild just cannot support her as she should be -- though I do try to to send a basket of baked goods to her when she tells me you all have been kind enough to talk to her for a little while."

Lady Snow continues, "However, there is a way we as a guild can help, specifically by preventing this from happening to other small villiages..."

A well-dressed young squire dashes into the room, gasping for breath.
He bows before Snow before wheezing, "Mistress Snow, Cleworth has broken his shield again and you know how he favors Fiona's craftsmanship. I'm to ask you to make the arrangements and have it delivered to him."

Snow pauses for a moment before casting a conspiratorial wink in your direction. She says, "Nonsense, <Name> was just heading up to see him. Why don't you run tell Fiona to be expecting him, and then you come back here and rest a bit. <Name> will deliver it for you."

She smiles brilliantly at you before adding, "You will, won't you?"

>nod to snow
Lady Snow exclaims, "Oh wonderful!" She turns to the young man standing quietly to the side. "Run along squire, and do tell her <Name> is on his way. <Name>, Fiona will tell you which one Master Cleworth prefers. Thank you so much for your help!"


You get a lion-emblazoned shield from inside your suede backpack.

>give shield to cleworth Cleworth shakes your hand heartily and exclaims, "Oh splendid, a job well done!" Cleworth exclaims, "That's not what I wanted!" The Paladin Guild Leader Cleworth ignores your offer.

>ask cleworth about holy weapon

Cleworth reclines slightly in his chair, seemingly appraising your value. He smiles warmly and sits forward speaking softly, "I have heard good things about you and will share the very little that I know. There once was a man that professed he had some knowledge about a gift from the gods that would allow those pure of soul to aid the weak like the woman you met in Shard. He spoke of tall towers made of gold, rooms filled with treasure, great three-headed snakes and portals to other worlds. Fabulous tales based on much and little reality. I quite frankly considered him a lunatic, for you see, he also claimed to be immortal." He chuckles with much amusement.

Regaining his composure he continues on, "However, Lady Avant did put much stock into what he said. She welcomed him to live there in her guild. She has spoken to him often. If you truly want to know more, I'm afraid you will have to speak to her."


>ask avant about holy weapon
Avant looks at you with a rather startled expression and says, "I see Cleworth mentioned Sttiejal to you. He can't keep a secret for the life of him."

>ask avant about sttiejal
Lady Avant exclaims, "Oh Sttiejal!" Her face brightens with a dazzling smile. "He is the oddest young man. He lives here in the guild, if you can call it living, it is more like only sleeping.

Avant continues, "Sometimes he vanishes for days, but when he is here he has the most amazing tales to tell! It is really quite amusing and entertaining."

She concludes, "He is probably out roaming the city if you'd like to find him. I need to get back to work here, I'm afraid."

(Sttiejal wanders.)

ask stt about tower
Sttiejal exclaims, "Oh yes, the highest you have ever seen, with rooftops made of real gold!"

>ask stt about portal
Sttiejal looks startled and quietly exclaims, "You aren't supposed to know about that!" Backing away rather quickly, he ambles down the street.

>ask stt about portal
Sttiejal sighs heavily and turns to face you. "You are a determined individual, aren't you? Very well then, if you promise not to think me mad, I shall tell you."

(SAY I promise)

Sttiejal says, "Good, you promise."

Sttiejal smiles in fond rememberance and quietly says, "Many years ago I was given a book that told tales of great things and of great fancy that seemed quite unlikely to be true. But while I read, I discovered certain passages seemed to be identical to certain places I had visited and I sought my own quest to see if the mysteries within the book were true."

Sttiejal continues, "I searched for many years practically digging under rocks to find the clues I longed for. Eventually, I came across an old cave warded by magic. With a few prayers to my gods, I was granted access within, and nestled in the back was a tiny little box with mirrors set into the sides."

Sttiejal adds, "I fiddled and I fiddled with that box, and much to my amazement it held within it yet another spell or magical item. For when I turned it just so --"
Sttiejal pauses turning his hands for effect, as if taking off the top to a jar.

Sttiejal exclaims, "It brought before me a shimmering portal. Stepping through, I found these places I spoke of and how excited I was! For you see, everything there was just as this book had claimed. The tales were true!"

Sttiejal nods and says, "You can try it for yourself if you like. The box is in my room within the guild. Here, take this key, just leave it in the door and I will retrieve it later."

Sttiejal says, "Ahh, I hope you emptied your hands this time.

Sttiejal presses a small key into your hand and nods in the direction of the guild.

>turn plat dial on box
The gold dial settles into its new position with a solid, "click!"

The platinum dial settles into its new position with a solid, "click!"
>push button on box
>turn gold dial on box
You press the ivory button on the box.
The lid of the box flips open!
A ray of white light shines from the box, illuminating a portal you hadn't seen before!

go portal

Glade of Dreams, Secluded Garden]
Artfully trimmed in a near-perfect circle, the lush greenery surrounds the garden, secluding it from prying eyes. Row after row of grotesque creatures stare silently upon all who enter. Near a marble table and chair, a hideous skeleton is frozen timelessly, bent slightly at the waist as if attending invisible guests. You also see a large granite boulder.
Obvious paths: east.

>trace ease boulder
You trace the Glyph of Ease upon the boulder.
You trace a glyph into the air managing only to look foolish.
>push boulder
You begin to push the boulder aside revealing a step behind it.
>go step
You slip behind the boulder.

[Glade of Dreams, Underground Cavern]
Light from a slow-burning candelabrum casts a dull glow about as the stairwell comes to an abrupt halt within the circular cavern. Set into thick stone walls, a massive wooden door looms against the far end. The floor is even, composed of finely ground particles of rock and sand that brush against the base of the stairwell leading above ground.
Obvious exits: up.
>go door

Bonk! You smash your nose.
>open door
It is locked.
>unlock door
You feel fully prepared to cast your spell.

The door emanates a dull *CLICK*!
>go door
Bonk! You smash your nose.
You gesture.
You are unable to harness sufficient energy to cast the spell.
>open door
You open a massive wooden door.

>go door
[Glade of Dreams, Underground Cavern]
Two hanging lanterns dangle from the smooth stone ceiling, filled with a clear liquid and burning brightly. Their light illuminates the cavern, glittering upon a dark trunk spilling over with golden coins. Opposite the trunk sits an iron cauldron with flecks of gold and silver peeking over the rim. The far wall sparkles brightly as the warm lamplight dances over a long row of sharpened steel. You also see an altar.
Obvious exits: none.

put sword on altar
You place your weapon on the altar for a brief moment.

As you retrieve your sword from the altar you sense a bonding between you and the weapon.
[Paladins' Guild, A Small Room]
This small quaint room is very bare, but shows signs of residency. There is a small bed in the far northwest corner. At the foot of the bed is a footlocker with the crest of the Paladin guild engraved on the lid. The walls are noticeably sparse with no decorations or hangings on them. A small rickety table sits in the northeast corner of the room. A window above the bed provides light for this mundane room. You also see Sttiejal and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

Sttiejal strides forward with a smile upon his face. He shakes your hand in congratulations and speaking firmly yet kindly.

Sttiejal says, "I see that you have succeeded where I failed. I chose to do something different, rather than risk my own life to find the tools that would help my fellow citizens. Now, you know the stories that I tell are true, so you should also realize I am cursed to live forever."

Sttiejal continues, "My punishment is to guide those of you pure of heart and strong of will to find that which I most wanted once in life. To be bound eternally to further others in attaining my heart's desire. I regretted it in the beginning, but now, I see that there is purpose in my penance."

Sttiejal says in a serious tone, "What you hold in your hands is a very potent ability to allow a paladin to fight undead as a true Holy Warrior. There are limitations to the weapon. Your weapon can lose its power, if you are not careful enough with it. In order to renew your weapon's power, you must go to the top of the Paladin Guild in Shard."

Sttiejal continues with the serious matter, "At the top of the paladin guild, you must pray to our patron God, Chadatru. Only after you properly pray can you trace the Glyph of Renew over your weapon. Remember to watch your weapon closely to not let the ability extinguish or it will be forever gone."

Sttiejal smiles and adds, "Your weapon will grow with you so be careful with it and be vigilant with it. You and it will be a force to be reckoned with. However, do not use it with a darkened soul or against another person. You shall pay gravely if you do."

Sttiejal smiles and nods toward the door, "Now run along and rid the world of the truly evil."
Sttiejal fades away.


[Tower of Honor, Chapel]
An exquisitely carved ivory statue is the centerpiece of this small chapel. Representing Chadatru, the traditionally honored god of Paladins, the statue dominates the area with its presence. Brilliantly colored stained glass windows cast multihued shadows over the wooden pews radiating outward from Chadatru's icon.
Obvious exits: out.

>pray chadatru
You start to pay respect to Chadatru again when you decide it would be inappropriate so soon. You decide to wait awhile longer.
>pray sword
You beseech your God for mercy.

>examine sword
Your sword's holy power is barely detectable. You will need to renew it before you can enjoy its true power.

>trace renew sword
You are not properly prepared to use this glyph.
>pray chadatru
You start to pay respect to Chadatru again when you decide it would be inappropriate so soon. You decide to wait awhile longer.

i've found myself in the top of the Paladin guild banging my head on the statue.

First, you are in the Chadatru Chapel at the top of the Shard Paladin guild?

If so, just "pray chadatru".. then WAIT.. it will take about 5 minutes before you get a message about your mind clearing enough. You'll get a soul boost message. THAT is when you get your holy weapon out and in your hand.. then "trace renew". Look at the holy weapon before you trace. and again after you trace and you'll see the power level go up.

>examine sword
Your sword is shining with holy power.