Grazhir: The Cosmic Pendulum and its Influence on Astral Travel

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Grazhir: The Cosmic Pendulum and Its Influence on Astral Travel

This Discussion was on 9/2/2019 at 9pm outside the Crossing Moon Mage guild.

"Thank you all for coming. Today I present the results of research performed over the last year. When many of us last gathered as a group, we attempted to reach out to Nera. We did not succeed at that time. But we will not give up. We decided to seek out other ways to connect with Nera. We started that process by performing research to gain a deeper understanding of the Astral Plane and the Plane of Probability, both of which overlap with the Plane of Abiding."

"Now, to discuss our initial research on the Astral Plane. I do ask that you hold your questions and comments until the end."

"We have long known that time operates differently within the Astral Plane than it does here in the Plane of Abiding. This is readily observable by any Moon Mage who attempts to discern Time while traversing the endless landscape of the Astral through the microcosm. At a glance, it appears that there doesn't seem to be any definite movement of time in the environment. It almost feels like a stage set. Yet, further research has led us to question our initial perception and judgement on the nature of Time within the Astral."

"First and foremost, it is important to understand the microcosm. The microcosm is a small region of the Astral Plane affected by the magic of the fallen moon Grazhir. Moon mages of sufficient skill traverse the microcosm to and from any of the named Grazhir shards, with certain exceptions."

"But our research shows that the microcosm is more than just an area where the Astral Plane and Grazhir's magic overlap. The microcosm is the essence of Grazhir, or as a Cleric might say, its soul, and when we walk through it we dance in the corpse of the fallen moon."

"Our further research reveals that Grazhir is likely not frozen in time within the Astral. Indeed, instead of an unmoving, timeless essence, Grazhir's mana swings like a Cosmic Pendulum. Allow me to explain."

"Grazhir's mana cycles through 6 distinct phases before reversing its course. We think that a pendulum best illustrates the process because the first and last phases are twice the duration of the other four. The first and last phase last approximately fourteen roisan each, give or take, while the middle four phases each last approximately seven roisan."

"Grazhir's mana flows in 6 ways: effortlessly, swiftly, steadily, hesitantly, dangerously low, and eventually reaches near exhaustion. The flow of mana decreases incrementally from effortlessly flowing to near exhaustion and then increases from near exhaustion to effortlessly flowing, swinging back and forth like a pendulum."

"This process can be observed at any of the named Grazhir shards, either here or in the microcosm, although we recommend that you perform your tests on this side, unless you are fond of unannounced visits from Pelag ai Aldam."

"So, if the microcosm is, indeed, the corpse of a fallen moon as our initial research discloses, and Time does not pass within the microcosm, why would Grazhir's mana not exist in a steady state? Instead of static mana levels, we see mana levels swinging like a pendulum... once its mana is nearly exhausted, it is as if the hands of time are turned back and the moon once again reforms. As such, we submit that time must move, to some extent, in the Astral."

"We have also observed that the magical pattern of Grazhir, its essential quality, can become distorted. If no mortal being from the Plane of Abiding is within the Astral Plane, the flow of mana is completely smooth. This is independent from the mana levels that we can detect. However, if someone enters the Astral Plane, the mana flow becomes distorted. The more people that enter the Astral Plane, the greater the distortion. Once again, this can be observed at any Grazhir shard."

"The flow of mana is not distorted at all times, but only when we, the Children of Grazhir, enter the microcosm. Consider for a moment the significance of that fact. Creatures from the Astral Plane do not distort the flow of mana from Grazhir, else the mana flow would appear distorted at all times."

"We also know that as the number of mages entering the microcosm increases the level of distortion increases. We do not know all the degrees of distortion as we felt it would be unwise to push these limits."

"However, we do know that the Astral Plane immediately repairs all distortions once all those within the Astral Plane return to the Plane of Abiding. This is apparent because the mana flows become smooth once again. This suggests that the Astral Plane is more resilient to our intrusions than we once thought."

"What are the practical implications of our research? At this time, we believe that astral travel is safer when mana tends to flow effortlessly and when distortion is minimal. The reasons are simple. Less available mana and greater distortion likely makes travel more difficult. This is something that I observed from my own experience."

"Thank you for your time. This concludes our discussion of Grazhir as the Cosmic Pendulum and its Influence on Astral Travel.