Finer Things (2)

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The Finer Things
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 403
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Finer Things, Front Room]
The walls of this shop are hung drapes of silk and velvet. Carved ebonwood chests and dark polished shelves offer choice items to browse or to buy. You also see a gilded rack with several things on it, a velvet-covered box with a few things on it and a door.
Obvious exits: east, southwest.

On the gilded rack, you see:

 a voluminous silk robe striped in shades of aubergine belted with a strand of golden chain for 58630 copper Dokoras
 an enveloping cloak of midnight black velvet with a skull-shaped clasp for 99220 copper Dokoras
 an emerald green robe woven from strands of firesilk clasped with an onyx rose for 99220 copper Dokoras
 a deep sea blue mantle trimmed with braided suede cording for 18040 copper Dokoras

On the velvet-covered box, you see:

 some dull black shoes clasped with a barbed chain for 9020 copper Dokoras
 some maroon leather boots with a slight heel for 4510 copper Dokoras
 some red velvet dancing slippers with black tassels for 9020 copper Dokoras

On the ebonwood chest, you see:

 a pale yellow gown with a full skirt and boat neckline for 6765 copper Dokoras
 a low-cut gown of silk and gossamer tied with a thin band of gold for 31570 copper Dokoras
 an ornate gown of rich burgundy brocade cinched up tightly with black ribbon for 31570 copper Dokoras
 an off-the-shoulder gown of pale golden velvet trimmed in white ermine for 27060 copper Dokoras

On the polished shelf, you see:

 a low-cut cotton blouse accented with black ribbons for 1353 copper Dokoras
 a flowing white pirate shirt with black embroidery along the cuffs for 31570 copper Dokoras
 a deep black pirate shirt clasped at the throat with a large blood ruby pendant for 40590 copper Dokoras
 a pair of ebony pants wrapped around the hips with a tightly woven belt of spidersilk for 36080 copper Dokoras
 a pair of fitted leather pants in shades of grey and blue belted with strands of silvery silk for 18040 copper Dokoras

[more coming...]