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This is a repository of changes for Bards under the DragonRealms 3.0 changes.

Note that the majority of intended changes for Bards will not make the initial 3.0 releases.

Bardic Lore

Most of the Bardic abilities (screams, practices, evokes) will teach Bardic Lore as a stopgap measure.


Unlike previous incarnations, Bards will passively regenerate mojo. This has been released to Plat, so it should make initial release.


Major revisions to the recall system are in the process, to sync them up with evokes, though it may not make the initial release.

It should be noted that the intention is to release recalls to general use, with Bards retaining a hefty bonus. It is hoped that the additional inclusion of other guilds will spur more widespread use.


While screams will remain as is in the near future, the eventual plan is to move them into spell(s) with a similar set up to Dragon's Breath, and additional metaspells unlocking additional screams.


Eventually, all voice throws will be open to both Bards and Thieves.

New Circle Requirements

Bards will eventually have a Bardic Lore req.
Tactics is a soft Req.
Performing is a hard Req.

1st Armor222338
1st Weapon3344513
2nd Weapon2334410
1st Magic3344513
2nd Magic2234513
3rd Magic2233410
4th Magic1223410
5th Magic002338
1st Survival1223410
2nd Survival112238
3rd Survival111225
4th Survival111225
1st Lore3344513
2nd Lore3334513
3rd Lore2233410

Bardic Spells

See Bard Spells 3.0.

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