Alchemist's Corner

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Alchemist's Corner
Event Theren Festival 2
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops, Herb shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Alchemist's Corner]
Grey drapes painted with a stone pattern are suspended around the perimeter walls of the tent, making it appear to be a chamber from a mysterious dungeon. An elongated wooden table stands next to a towering uneven bookcase, each covered in goods for sale. Over it all, a blackened wrought-iron chandelier hovers, each of its arms embracing a delicate gaethzen sphere that shimmers lightly. You also see an exit flap, an old trunk with peeling forest green paint, and a rotting crate.
Obvious exits: none.

In the old trunk with peeling forest green paint
Item Price Done
carved oak mortar 1,800   No
Kaerna clay mortar 1,800   
green onyx mortar 5,800   No
black marble mortar 2,500   No
golden-brown soapstone mortar 3,900   No
lava stone mortar 3,800   No
brass mortar 2,300   No
iron mortar (2) iron mortar   No
On the elongated wooden table
Item Price Done
jar of aloe balm 2,200   No
small jug of ithor potion 1,800   
flask of hulij elixir 2,200   
jar of hisan salve 2,200   
In the rotting crate
Item Price Done
polished wood pestle 800   No
green onyx pestle 1,800   No
black marble pestle 1,800   
knob-handled bone rod 800   No
carved mixing stick 1,200   No
golden-brown soapstone pestle 1,800   No
On the uneven bookcase
Item Price Done
cast iron portable stove 58,000   !!
silver-edged oak bowl 1,200   
large silver vial 3,800   No
skull-shaped mug 4,800   No