Yvonna's Tent

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Yyvonna's Tent
Event Theren Festival 2
Owner Yyvonna
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Trinket shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Yyvonna's Tent, All That Glitters]
Customers to this tent are greeted by sparkles and shimmers from all the objects for sale. Prisms hang cheerily from multi-colored ribbons all across the tent's ceiling. Pedestals and shelves are arranged in a circular shape in the middle of the tent, each covered in an array of exquisite jeweled items.
You also see a long oak rack with some stuff on it, a dainty display case, and a colorful tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wooden pedestal
Item Price Done
delicate silver choker set with deep green gems 5,000   No
graceful tourmaline mermaid pendant suspended from a beaded leather cord 3,000   No
delicate necklace of tiny pearlescent shells suspended along a thin silver cord 200   No
choker made of interlocking onyx spiders embellished with ruby accents 10,000   
On the maple shelves
Item Price Done
silver filigree toe bands 5,000   No
tiny set of handpainted chimes dangling from a golden brooch 2,500   
bracelet formed of icy blue flame-shaped gems 5,000   
small black beaded handbag 200   
On the oak rack
Item Price Done
hammered platinum tailband inset with a row of mosaic ivory tiles 30,000   No
glittery fluttering tail ribbons 200   No
In the display case
Item Price Done
milky white snowflake prism 2,000   
ruby red teardrop prism 2,000   No
salmon pink rosebud prism 2,000   No
crystal clear star prism 2,000   No
glittering coin prism 2,000   No
earth-tone tree prism 2,000   !!
aqua-colored music note prism 2,000   
amber arrow prism 2,000   No
deep green fist prism 2,000   No
darkly tinted lockpick prism 2,000