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This is a type of toy that is sometimes referred to as a "parakeet charm". Not very common, they are mostly sold via an auction, through a raffle or purchased with scrip from the Grey Raven Commissary. Each style of charm is similar in that it allows periodic messages to be sent from the owner to any other person.


To use, hold the bird charm in your hand and:

WHISPER CHARM <PERSON> <MESSAGE>: Will send a message to that person.

The target of the message can expect to see something along these lines:

A dull grey raven flutters into the area and lands on your shoulder, warbling softly.  Lifting its head, it twitters, "Have a nice day!'"

After a moment, the tiny bird takes to the air and darts out of sight.


  • There will be a delay on the bird charm returning to the owner, between 10 and 15 RL minutes, once the message is delivered. Then, depending on the type of charm, there will be "recharge" time until the owner can send another message.
  • If the target of the message is not logged into the game when the message is sent, the bird charm will wait to find that person and attempt to deliver the message when the target next logs in. If the owner logs out before the message is sent, the bird charm will still work to deliver the message when the owner logs back in as well.