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Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple Returns!

(Sent 2020-05-15)

Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple Returns!

Deep within the lush jungle of Su Helmas lies a temple shrouded in mystery. A place where the dead rise from their graves, countless adventurers have met a premature end while exploring this sanctuary of secrets.

Can you succeed where so many others have failed?

Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple opens on Friday, May 22 at 9PM (ET)

Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple Begins Tonight!

(Sent 2020-05-22)

The Expedition Team Needs YOU!

Thanks to the brave adventurers who helped vanquish the Seeds of Entropy last year, the expedition team at Su Helmas was finally able to continue working to unravel the mystery of the Forbidden Temple.

But the dangers within those cryptic walls has proven too much, and the team is once again asking for assistance! Gather your gear and travel to Su Helmas to help infiltrate the Forbidden Temple!.

Explore Su Helmas!

For those who have never been to Su Helmas Temple, prepare for unparalleled adventure, danger, and heroism! Su Helmas is filled with fun things to do, including:

  • Solving the Ward Puzzle!
  • Killing Clockwork Monstrosities, Rafflesia, Mantraps, Arisen Ghouls, and more!
  • Earn Fame and exchange it for awesome prizes!

Speaking of prizes, Su Helmas is loaded with unique treasure and new items that you'll definitely want to get your hands on! These include:

Interested in winning some of these new items while assisting the expedition team? Report to Su Helmas TONIGHT at 9:00PM (ET) if you think you have what it takes.

Don't Forget To Grab Your Tickets!