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Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon 64-bit

To use Stormfront on Linux Mint 17 (Cinnamon 64-bit) requires a windows emulator. These instructions concern the most ubiquitous linux windows emulator, called wine. Linux Mint is based on and compatible with Ubuntu, so Ubuntu users may (or may not) find these instructions work for them as well.

  • Open a terminal.
  • Input sudo apt-get install wine
  • You'll probably be prompted for a password, input your password.
  • You will probably then be prompted to confirm the install of wine as well as any dependencies, input Y or yes to confirm you wish to install. After the install completes..
  • Download SF from the Simutronics web site. I think I downloaded the beta version,
  • Find the file you downloaded in a graphical file explorer (like Nemo, analogous to Window's File Explorer). Right click on the SF .exe file (in my case, StormFrontBeta1.0.1.26.exe) and choose "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader."
  • Keep hitting "next" until SF installs. A dialog box may prompt you to reboot, but this should be handled by wine and shouldn't require you to reboot your Linux machine.

If you try to log in to SF using the website, you'll probably still find that you can't. So to get around this, we must also install the Simutronics Game Launcher or SGE.

Download the SGE (for windows) and install it in the same way we just did for SF. (That is, find it with your graphical file explorer, right click, choose "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader", keep hitting next/finish until it installs).

You should then see a "Wine" category when you click the Menu button (analogous to the windows button). Hovering over the Wine category should reveal a "Simutronics Game Entry" icon. Clicking this should bring up a window prompting you to input your user name and password.

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory! This is all best accomplished while drinking a glass of wine, of course.

I don't claim these instructions to be entirely complete, the absolute best, or to work in every instance, but they worked for in at least one instance, and perhaps someone else can improve upon them.