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Prayer Bead System Updates · on 05/24/2009 07:58 AM EST 199
A number of updates have been made to the prayer bead system. The highlights are:

1) Forfedhdar now has its own NPC that sells carving supplies.

2) The seller NPCs will now wander around as originally intended.

3) Beads are now Imbue-able for use in Lunar Enchanting. As is usual with that spell, this will remove most of the bead's special properties.

4) Certain stats can now reduce the roundtimes a little.

5) Experience awards have been improved across the board. This is subject to monitoring and tweaking as necessary.

These are live in Prime and Plat, and TF should follow in a week.

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in The Clerics / Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.