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Durability 2.0 · on 10/10/2010 9:33:58 AM 3203
Howdy everyone! The new Durability 2.0 system is about to hit Prime and I wanted to give you a heads up. This system includes a complete rewrite of all weapon, armor and shield health, repair and damaging mechanics. So, let me explain some of the changes:

1). Items can no longer permanently break, and items previously too broken to repair can now be repaired. Repair times and costs have dropped substantially.

2). All weapons, armor and shields will be automatically converted over to the new system.

3). Items will now gradually wear out with use. When an item incurs over 20% damage it will begin to penalize the user. A cap exists on this penalty, unlike before. Bows and ammo will not currently take wear, and I will let you know when when this changes.

4). While rewriting the health appraisal of items I also rewrote weapon appraisals to provide more ranges of deadliness.

5). All repair merchants are able to repair items in both the new and old systems. They also respond to ASK <person> ABOUT REPAIR ALL which allows a single repair ticket of all worn/held items that are damaged with a discount to time and cost versus doing items individually.

6). Damage types affecting equipment differently, magic/abilities providing damage protection and field repairs are not scheduled for this release, but aren't too far off.

Please bear with me during the release this morning. There may be some bumps as I'm updating a considerable number of mechanics in the process. I'll post again when I know everything is working as intended.

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