Order of the Apostles gifts and prizes

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This is an archive of gifts and prizes given out at events hosted by the Order of the Apostles. The primary purpose of this page is to facilitate automatic sourcing of individual item pages.

OOC Date IC Date Event Type Item
12/12/2015 34 Shorka 418 Murder Mystery gift black lacquered parry stick painted with the Order of the Apostles crest
3/19/2016 25 Shorka 419 419 World Jousting Tournament gift dagged crimson caparison edged in gold embroidery
8/6/2016 26 Skullcleaver 420 Pirate Plunder Party gift pirate captain's hanger with a blackened brass hilt
12/13/2016 22 Akroeg 422 Devotional Race gift baton-shaped oak bludgeon
2/25/2017 38 Skullcleaver 422 423 World Jousting Tournament gift emerald green brocade bagpipes with gold-capped ivory pipes with spiraling rose vines
7/27/2017 5 Shorka 424 Remembering the Past gift filigreed silver music box
8/17/2017 9 Arhat 424 Raging Rat Fights gift leather armband embellished with a ruby-eyed fighting rat
10/4/2018 7 Moliko 428 Kitchen Challenge gift large balsa wood box with an embossed gold emblem
10/4/2018 7 Moliko 428 Kitchen Challenge prize tarnished silver fork with silken wilted brown lettuce in its tines, polished haralun chef's knife
4/17/2021 6 Nissa 437 Schooled on Spars gift blackened silver elbow spikes with ruby embellishments